First Build Help Please

Hey guys I’m currenty in mid build and I ran into a small or big issue idk. So in short I have a enertion Vesc Plat and I got the TB 190kv. So to the problem I have an 6 pin wire I’m guessing its the one that talks to the VESC since they others are soldered on there. The motors 6 pin is much smaller than enertion’s 6 pin so it won’t talk to the VESC. What should I do?

For now, you could not connect it and run in sensorless mode. eventually get the right connector and connect it. I’m sure there are instructions for the sensorcable of torqueboards motors.

Right on do you know where to buy them?

The Vesc works really well without the sensor. If you use the sensor, you’ll have to connect the motor wires exactly correct or you’ll fry something. I would suggest forget the sensor.

You can get the connector on eBay but from my experience the sensor doesn’t help or nothing I noticed the only thing I noticed is when it stopped working and it wouldn’t move from a standstill.