First build. Help with trucks choice

Hi! I’m planning to build my first esk8 and I’m having some troubles deciding which type of trucks and wheels to choose. My idea is to build an esk8 that allows me to ride through grass/dirt terrain (not crazy mud or hills, just something basic) and pavement. I’m searching for cheap options. I’ve already purchased:

  • motor: flipsky 6374 (I’m going to go single firstly and upgrading to double after time);
  • ESC: flipsky fsesc
  • Battery: i’ve purchased every component to make my own (10s4p)

So now I don’t know what type of trucks are better for my build. I’ve seen a flipsky kit that comes with truck, wheels and motor mount for a very good price but I don’t know if it’s okay

This is a spring truck and for this I need those tail and nose angled decks. Is it worth it? Would it be better a flat deck with regular trucks? I’ve seen lots of builds made with channel trucks, but they were meant to go fully off road. I’m looking for cheap options (low budget).

Hope you can help me


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This type of spring truck is meant for “proper off road”, they are 8" tyres which makes it too large for many longboard decks. The 15" wide does not suit flat skateboards.

If you want more of a city-board with ability to go on grass, then I recommend smaller wheels&trucks, maybe like cloudwheels?

You could try ‘Paris’ or ‘Caliber’ trucks people like these and they are cheap. Here is an example of the motor mount you would need (from the UK) Caliber Street Electric Skateboard Motor Mount – Nexus Boards - Paris Street Electric Skateboard Motor Mount – Nexus Boards


Thank you for the response.

I’ve searched for those trucks and maybe I’m picking some of those with a micro drop deck (my first choice was to buy double kingpin trucks because of the turn radius but I don’t know if they are a good option); but for the wheels I think I’m going to look for pneumatic ones because I’ve seen they have better comfort (maybe 6’’ instead of 8’’?).

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Yeah man, I’m building with DKP trucks I bought the Flipsky group set with the DKP and cloud wheels.

They’ll be fine, I heard people moving over to TKP, as the stiffness is more desireable on an esk8, but all trucks will work (as long as you can find a motor mount for them), DKP will probably be a bit rough on grass

6" pnuematic will be nice. Evolve do some that go on the normal esk8 hubs.

Nice, thanks for the advice, I’ll take my time to chose.

Good luck with your build!

Thanks, I got excited and purchased everything at the start, so would certainly recommend taking your time and planning your bulid.

I’m taking my time on the actual build now :grin:

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Nice diy bro. What material do you use for the battery enclosure?

It’s Fibreglass.

First I made a mold in Fibreglass, then use that mold to make the real case, that’s how to get a nice finish on the outside