First Build *help*

so ive done some reading and watched loads of videos asked youtubers questions and not sure about a few things.

my electronics skills are weak i’ll admit so thats what ive been focused on the most. Now I want to make a fast board as I’m sure I can hit 20+ on a normal skateboard but im looking to build mtb board for roads as they need repairing around here.

now my first issue is KV when calculating with the site calculater a 250kv provided better speed but ive read low kv provides more torque… apparently anyway (seen some debates stating otherwise) however im looking to buy either the sk3 as they seem popular either 149kv or 192kv 6374 or KEDA 6374 less popular. I also read the watts are important for power and these are 4000watts each sk3 unlike KEDA 6374 much cheaper but rated 2000 watt similiar Kv.

so thats the main point. secondly i wouldnt mind a full list of electronic parts I need to get going (simple list one motor for now). so far i have listed:

Motor Lipo Speed controler ESC or VESC transmitter and reciever

do i need anything else , im very new to this seen these beasty off road board yesterday and joined here straight away.

antispark connector maybe for connecting/disconnecting the batteries, the correct motor mount for your trucks and making it fit (whether that means buying new trucks, paying a welder, or jbweld/epoxy) but that’s about it! also search for flywheels if you dont already have them, they make it easier to attach the pulley to the wheel.

You are going to need (except for longboard) a charger or a BMS and power supply. Also drivetrain parts so pulleys and belts of your choice also a mount. An enclosure too

If you are not sure about electronics maybe go for the KITs that for example DIY sells.

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sweet, ill look them up so ive accounted all the needed electrics? ill try make a list of compatible parts best i can and come back to check as i don’t want to wing it and waste money. thanks coderman

thanks martinsp ive seen the chargers but i should of listed it oh one thing id like to know is 6s batteries if its say 6s2p or whatever number P can they be combined to make a 12s as ive only seen a few videos of people combined 4s and 3s I read about the s and p but its not solid in my mind ive been researching a day. 4sx3 is easy but 2x6s2p whats that give me? sorry if i sound retarded.

also for enclosure would a lipo charge bag or bags with a container be sufficient and safe?

I’ve seen the kits but they seem expensive, maybe looking at wrong thing on DIY

I would suggest hard shell enclosure especially with lipos since it is easier to puncture the lipo pouch sell than the metal body of a liion 18650 or similar.

If you have a pack of 6S and you have this pack 4 times you can connect it all in parallel and have 6S4P or you could connect 2of the 6S packs together (two times since you have 4 times 6S packs) in paralell which would give you essentially two 6S batteries with the capacity of one doubled. and these parallel packs could be hooked up in series which would be 12S2P so 12 cells in series and 2 in parallel

they are expensive since there is not that many people selling them :confused: maybe try this too

thanks for clearing that up for me makes sense now. how many mAh do you recommend as a rough guide is 10000 going to last or do i need as much as possible?

Well I have 10S3P with total 9000mAh and it is great for me, lasts 25km. But it all comes down to you, your weight, terrain, how heavy bord are you willing to tolerate and things like that…but as a rough estimate I weigh 68kg and with said battery I have 25km of range on mostly flat ground and occasionally some hill but nothing crazy. That is with 6 inch pneumatics, 250kv motor, 10s3p liion 30Q cells, dual rear drive, ratio 14:50

I recommend chains or direct drive to be honest, belts slip. The anti spark connectors as stated above. I recommend vesc all day! And be very sure to plan plan plan to save money.

thanks, i understand there is many factors I just wasnt too sure on the power cos my phone smashed through 3000mah pretty fast so thought id need like 20000mah atleast. think ill aim for 9-15000mah. I was thinking of putting tire compound or sand paper on the motor and have the outrunner shell rotate the wheel, i have seen it on e-bike build which reach 50kph with one motor so was thinking 2 motors and a make shift mount until i have more money for a proper direct drive unless i can find spur gears myself.

I assume the ratio doing that would be closer to 1:1 so the circumference f the motor then the wheel, bigger wheels would be less motor stress.

also still not recieved answer for the KV or watts for power do i go lower KV lower watts or slight more kv like 250 for 4000 watts? theres a few variations of the SK3