First build, how do theese parts look?

Heya guys, after some reading i’ve decided to go ahead and build a board. Thing is, my wallet is not the thickest. So theese are the parts i have picked and i Wonder if there’s something i’ve forgotten or if theres something that’s total crap. Would appreciate all kinds of suggestions <3

Thanks in advance folks, youre all amazing in this community and forum! :smiley:

Motors x2: torque 6355 190Kv


Motor mounts x2:

Pulleys x2: 15/36 15mm From a local guy or @johnny_261

Wheels: abec 11

Trucks: caliber 2

Deck: Not quite sure yet, think that i’ve got a good arbiter somewhere in the basement :smiley:

Remote/reciever: Https://


Focbox/vesc x2 … Which one would be better suited for a build like this, focbox overkill perhaps? Will be bought local

1x:Vesc Bluetooth adapter 2x:Vesc sensor cables 1x:Canbus 1x:Adapter for remote reciever

I will make the enclosures myself from kydex as i’m experienced and have the materials needed.

Will make sure to make a build log once i start :grin:

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hey those parts look good man. i don’t have experience with hobby king mount so cant comment on that and i use focbox mostly these days. good luck with your build :grin:

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Alright, makes me happy on my face to read that :grin:

Hobbyking mounts are not intended for dual setups. It is possible yet you will need a lot of love to adjust one of the mounts. If you have the patience and skills go ahead. Pick another solution otherwise.

Oh i see, yeah i noticed that they’re not symmetric at the truck mount part, didn’t think that would be any problem tho.

Thanks for the help! Will look this up and see if i can go with theese or just make my own from scratch.

You forgot wheels

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Thanks for a great laugh! Forgot to write down the only part i have :rofl: :joy:

its ok to buy clones, if your tight on cash.

Dual Hobby King mounts will work if the truck is wide enough. One of them will have the wide base on the outside instead of inside, but it still works just means the motor pulley has to be mounted further away from motor can. I wanted it on my heel edge so I had to mount it that way. Here’s a pic.


I like the Flywheel clones from Ebay.

I use them on my regular longboard board, so save the money unless you want the Abec original.

Im DEFINTELY curious to hear your feedback on the battery given that it is the cheapest price point for that type of battery pack on the market.

Does anyone else have experience w that battery?!

Yeah, been wondering the exact same thing. No way that there are real samsung/lg cells. I’d guess that there are clones in that pack. I’ll definetly open it up a bit and see how it looks. Can post pictures/check the cells and a review on the range once i get this board going.


I do already have a set of abec 11s as i’ve been riding regular longboards for a couple years

@JonathanLau1983 Will keep that in consideration, i think i might be able to fit that. If not then well, i’ll figure something out.

Thanks for the tips guys! Greatly appreciated :grin:

everything looks good I dont have any experience with the motors mounts from hobby king I got my from @marcmt88 and they are really nice quality mounts.

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Looks pretty good :slight_smile: I would probably buy this battery instead since im afraid of chinese batteries are going to blow up lol.

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