First Build | Hummie deck | 12S4P | dual 6374 motors

Hi, I started this build two years ago but life kept getting in the way. I was finally able to make time to put together all the parts I’ve been buying.

Here is the list of parts that I purchased and used in the build.

  • Hummie deck
  • Psychotiller enclosure
  • Torqueboards 218mm trucks
  • Torqueboards 6374 motors
  • BKB 97mm wheels
  • BKB press on wheel pulleys 36T
  • Janux motor mounts with belt tensioner
  • Janux 16T motor pulleys
  • Janux pulley covers
  • Unity
  • 12S4P from ChiBatterySystems

I finished assembly a few days ago and took it on my first ride earlier today. I still need to add Locktite and want to rotate the motor mounts up a bit.

Here are a few pictures.


thats a nice looking set up, the motor mounts are a clean look for sure. nicely done indeed.