First Build - Is Something Wrong Here?

Hey guys!

I’m just about complete with my first build and by complete, I mean I just need to strap down all the parts and get my enclosure on. I was talking to someone about my numbers and he took one look at the results and pretty much laughed.

I did a lot of reading on the forum prior to the build and used some esk8 calculators, so here are the parts I came up with. Can someone tell me if any of you notice if something is wrong with these main components?

Wheels: 83mm Motor: TB 260kv Battery: Zippy 3S 5000mah 20C x2 TB Vesc

it’s most likely the KV, if its over 60,000 (i think thats the number) its going to make your VESC a vegetable.

What are those zippy’s? 3 or 4s?

You want to drop that motor for a 190’ish kv

Edit: Now that I see your cell count you’re good to go on that.

My bad, they are 3S

Then there really isn’t a problem. I have 280kv running 6s and while its not earth shattering it doesn’t have any issues. The issue is total erpm. You put that motor with a 10s set up and the erpm will be over 60000 which is too high. Stick with 6 and all good. I think you could go 8s at a push I haven’t done it but someone here will have I’m sure. Try it out and enjoy Good luck!

i don’t see the problem. 6S on 260 KV is fine. With the right gearing you can see as much as 27-30 mph on flats. i ran NTM 270s at 6S for a long time and kicked a lot of ass.

I think the laughter may have been more about going 6S instead of 10 or 12. If so, just build it and show them what’s up.

make sure you use 10awg wire throughout. running 6S voltages means running higher currents to get the same power, so don’t skimp on the superworm.


Thanks everyone for the feedback. Just needed the verification that my numbers were all good. Appreciate it!

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