First build Jet Potato 36"//Polar 6374 190kv// 25r 10s3p//90mm flywheels

Long time coming I started gathering parts slowly near the end of last summer. Most parts are actually second hand but barely used. I cannot stress enough how much just browsing and reading has helped in this build which I still feel I have alot to learn. Just waiting for my enclosure from psycotiller to post a picture of this beast. I’ve ridden it down the street a few times and it feels really solid and extremely well made maybe it’s the deck? My only gripe so far is how to tighten up the feel of the trucks I was thinking ordering some stiffer bushing. Anyways can’t wait to share my board and answer any questions some new members may have.


Hey! I’m look to build something very similar in the coming months as I continue to gather parts as well. I have a few questions…How did your first ride feel? Is there anything you would do differently? Also in what sequence did you order your parts? I’m excited to get started working towards my first board!

How do you like the deck? I’m looking at a 33" potato for my next build

Love the deck. I’m 225lbs and no flex. Got it for a steal something like $50 because muirskate said it had a scratch. Very solid.

I started collecting parts and hounding the used for sale section of this forum daily. When I seen something I needed I bought it if available in no particular order. The first ride felt awesome can’t describe it hah. Things I’m looking o improve on are replacing the bushings in the trucks and the pivot cup to higher quality and stiffer bushings.