First Build | Jet Vulcan Kick | Carvon v2.5 | 12s3p | VESC | Mini Remote

All the parts are finally in and I’ll be attempting my first build this weekend. This build we be used mainly to commute ~3 miles to and from work.

Deck: Jet Vulcan Kick 34.5’’

Motor: Carvon v2.5 VESC: Carvon Battery: Custom 12s3p built by @barajabali Enclosure: Sulaco v1 from @RunPlayBack Remote: Mini Remote from @JLabs

Still to buy: Mounting hardware, weather stripping, and maybe riser pads In the future I’ll be upgrading to ABEC11 Flywheels

Did I miss anything? Any additional tip and info is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Obligatory pictures:


awesome deck. What about the antispark?

Do you see the little port on the pack, to the left of the chiboards logo maybe 4-5 inches. That’s the port to the vedder switch

awesome integrated battery pack.

any pictures the final result I’m looking at the same deck

Nice! You got any pictures of the finished board? Looks like an awesome setup!