First Build: KS m1 | 10s-2p | Racestar 200KV | PWR ESC | and more

Got a Kooboard… now I want some more comfort, going for belt drive and a board with more flex.

These are the parts so far. Let me know what you think about it plz. I used the esk8 calc… but what do u guys think the max speed and range will do?

Kracked Skulls M1 Paris Trucks

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Nice build

Did you buy the parts all ready? If not yet, that’s good

That ESC stands out as an extremely sketchy piece of kit. I would pass on that one. The motor mount from bang good is an engineering disgrace, it will crack in the first 10km I bet. That sanyo cell battery can give you 30A constant realistically, I think you will be disappointed rather soon, especially if you are heavier than say 60kg. Do not buy into that “3000 cycle” bullcrap, it depends on how you use it, and with 2p you will be torturing those cells during acceleration. Forget any hill climbing as well.