First Build | Landyachtz Evo | Dual setup | Evolve trucks | Cell level fusing

The trucks are 12 inches wide. I got them from the Evolve website.

12 inches from axle tip to axle tip, or just the hanger? and do you own a evolve, or did they sell you spares anyways?

You should be able to order from here if you are EU based

How is the ground clearance. im worried that kegals won’t have clearance once I add the enclosure… I’ve added risers but I’m not sure that’s enough.


What distance do you have from the deck to the ground?

im going to catch in the conversation, i am interested too!

You have to prove you own an Evolve board before you can order parts of them.

I had 11cm of clearance underneath with only 5mm risers, which was more than enough. I have 107mm wheels though so these help and I have a low profile enclosure too. I’ve swapped the deck since (I have another project for the Evo). I’m now using a Powell Peralta Samurai deck. Not sure why it isn’t used more often for eboarding. It’s real thin but stiff with hardly any flex (layer of carbon fiber on top and bottom). It also has built in bumpers.

  1. I ordered a GT rear truck from evolve, they never asked if I owned a board. I have the truck all ready.

  2. I’m running 6 shooters on an Evo with 1/2 risers no problem. I’m using surfrodz top truck (177mm) with 80mm axles for a total of 257mm or 10.11in. about 12.5im with the 6 shooters offset. You should be fine.


You have to prove you own an Evolve board before you can order parts of them.

…I prove bologny. Just go to the nearest Evolve distributor and cut the crap. How do you think I got mines, eh guys?


We’ll here in Australia you need proof. Lucky for me I’m a Graphic designer so I was able to Photoshop my way out of it.


Hi. What are the red hardware u use? Looks sick. Wanna get some. :slight_smile:

I’ve recently change my build to a 10s5p. Works lots better on AT. 165mm trampa urban threadz


Hello I’m really new to the site but I have one question for @Funktapus what size of the deck you used form
Landyachtz Evo Deck is it the is it 39" or is it 36" if you described it in a moment and I missed I’m sorry

Cool build.

But the evolve griptape is a total boner killer. Lol


Made me soft too


grip tape make me F L A C C I D


Clean and nice build! Can you buy evolve trucks without having an evolving board? :grinning:

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You can, I’m about a set for sale if you have a couple of days.


do you remember what size you got