First build, lemme know what I'm missing

Alrighty, here’s what I’m thinking of putting together for my first electric board:

  • Earthwing Boomerang
  • Custom battery from @barajabali
  • CarvOn single hub w/ Abec 11’s
  • CarvOn VESC or Ollin VESC (not sure yet which way I’m gonna go.)
  • Flysky with the @MasterCho mod.
  • Custom enclosures (I’ll be doing a split enclosure)

So I wanted to do the most reliable/non difficult first build. Kinda going the @RunPlayBack route. I already know I’m probably going to do a second build ASAP. Plus, being that I’m the only one I know in Austin, I’m gonna need a riding buddy!

Y’all let me know if I’m way off base. Many thanks in advance. :pray:

Are you going to use an anti-spark? What size battery is it?

I dislike the VESC in general, but both suppliers love their product so you’ll get good service either way. (Right boys? :triumph: :yum:)

Here’s what I used for on off antispark and overall protection. Cheap, effective. …

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Why do you not like the Vesc?

@michaeld33 We did not discuss using an anti spark, but that doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Battery is gonna be a 12s 2p.

Earthwing Boomerang is nice. Also single Carvon V2.5 with Abec’s is a winner. How much do you weigh?

I’m 5’7" (on a good day :slight_smile:) and right at 150lbs. The board has a nice flex to it, so I gotta go double enclosure.

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IMHO I just think it needs a bit more work, I think v6 is going to be really good, but rn there are just some issues with running at certain setups and speeds.

Yeah you’ll be able to whip around easy on the V2.5. Agreed on the helmet @LEVer :+1:

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After much thought, I just can take a drill bit to my Earthwing boomerang. It’s discontinued, and I just love it so much, I just don’t think I can bring myself to converting it to electric. That said, I’m looking at these boards, I would love to get a few opinions before I pull the trigger, lemme know!!