First Build List

I’ve been researching parts for my first build and I would like some critiques before i order them unless I might be doing something wrong or something.

Single Belt Drive 1400W N5055 Motor Power Truck & Front Truck


Turnigy 3000mAh 5S 20C Lipo Pack (2 in series)

Cheap deck I just found

This is a budget build and it comes in at just 310$. I’ve used the esk8 speed calculator and it says the top speed would be 27mph but i’m not that sure about it. If I missed anything crucial please let me know.

I also have the enclosure and balance charger too


Oops you finished right before me xD

The packs are very low mah try looking at calculator as it calculates your range aswell

ha how about that

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thanks this one goes way more in-depth

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My advice, look at what this board is supposed to do, not what you are able to afford. You will not be happy if it doesn’t meat the criteria. Had that to learn the hard way and wasted 600€.

Thanks, I’m just looking for a board that i can just have fun on and go hella fast down the road

Look for a different esc and motor drive system. Don’t buy from diyeboards because you will probably either kill it as soon as you throttle it or they will never ship it.

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Avoid diyeboard at all costs

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What they said is 10000 percent correct

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DIYEBOARD? :tired_face:


If you want “hella fast”, and you don’t want to waste a lot of money when it fails and streetfaces you, you’re gonna need some better stuff. Buy an actual vesc-based controller, not that ebay garbage. Get some decent trucks and a decent mount (I like calibers and @Boardnamics motor mounts), and some much, MUCH bigger batteries. You want 5000mah at a bare minimum, and probably more like 8000+. You also need decent pulleys, belts, and wheels. Plug all that into an esk8 calculator and see what you get.

Buy it right or buy it twice. Buy once, cry once. This is not a cheap hobby, at all.


He said it @b264 incoming… BTW listen to us, don’t get diyeboard, they are shady, their trucks breaks while you’re cruising at 27. Best bet is calibers, @Boardnamics mounts or @dickyho parts. Battery at least 40c discharge. And get SAFETY gear: decent full face 661Reset or triple8 invader Knee pads, armoured hoodie by @LazyRolling Be always prepared to fall


It’s not even a hobby for many folks, unless “minivan driving” is a hobby for a soccer mom.

And esk8 is cheaper than minivan. It also pollutes a lot less and is way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way more fun.