First Build | Loaded Tesseract | Single Motor | £500

Hi all,

Inspired by some of the amazing build threads on here I’m planning to build myself an electric longboard.

Currently reading up on all the parts and thought I would use this thread to document it and get advice and tips.

I live in the UK, which could effect getting some parts I’m 70 Kg live in a medium hilly area would like to hit 25 Mph and want to keep it under £500 (I’m good at finding deals!)

My current parts list is looking like this;

Board Loaded Tesseract - £105 Supplier:

Wheels Part: Flywheels clones, 83mm 78a Orange - £24 Supplier:

Pully kit & Belt Part: ? (not 3D printed) - £30 Supplier: ?

Motor Part: Single 190 Kv - 6374 - £100 Supplier: ? I was looking at options belt / hubs / single / dual See this thread for the details:

Motor mount - £40 Part: ? Supplier: ?

Trucks Part: Caliber G II 184mm - £44 Supplier:

Bearings Part: - Bones Red - £14.95 Supplier:

VESC - £100 Part: ? Supplier: ?

Batteries Part: 18650 10 S something P Supplier: Hoping to pickup some new / used once

Remote - £20 Part: Small winning / boosted board style Supplier: ?

Charger Part: ? Supplier: ?

BMS + switch Part: ? Supplier: ?

Grip Tape Part: MOB 44" x 11" - £6.95 Supplier:


I want to have a rough idea of most of the parts before I start ordering so I can see how it’s all going to come together. I will update this as I know more. This is my first build so feel free to give me thumbs up or say when things are not right.

Most prices are rough guesses at the moment.

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Hey. You can buy 90mms clones for 20£ from aliexpress Pulleys you can get from this forum for 40£ You can get keda 6355 190 for 36£ from hobbyking Go single belt drive Mount get from this forum from boardynamics for 36£ including belt Calibers from bluetomato for 40£ 18650 will cost you 3£ each from nkon You don’t need a charger if you use bms Probably you will spend 600£ in the end. If you want links,I can put them later

thanks! thats really helpful. Is there anyone / where that sells a few of the bits together? Saves me paying P&P to lots of places?

Who would you recommend for the VESC and remote?

alien drive systems in the uk do a fair amount of bits inc remote

trampa also and

That’s a awesome price for a tesseract. Usually around 240€ where I live. Any chanse you can hook me up with one for the same price? :smile:

Hey! Check out my build thread; I’m in the UK and I’ve linked some similar parts:

Is it worth paying the extra for an Alien motor over a HobbyKing?

@L3chef , where do you live? I could always order 2 and post one onto you? We could always post something my way if there is stuff I can’t find in the UK?

Hk Sk3s are known to pack a punch and I can vouch for them. My 6374 192KV gets me up to 35mph on flats and has decent torque on my 97mm wheels and I run 9S lipos.

The 6374 motor is about £70 IIRC. Downside is you need to use a dremel to shave a flat spot on the shaft or drill a hole if your pulley has space for a grub screw.

Other upside though, at 8mm, the shaft is easier to find a pulley for.

Edit: Should also note, the motor did this whilst I was weighing an easy 95Kg, 104kg with my gear. I’m cutting for a fight and sittinf at 84kg now so expecting to hit slightly higher top speed on my next test.

You can get good torque with smaller wheels or larger wheel pulleys.

Alien motors are shit. And the shafts are 10mm

Ok. Any brands you would recommend?

What shaft size is best?

Do I need a sensored motor or not, what does that do?


If you save ££ on some items, you should get FOCBOX from enertion. And you need an enclosure

Nothing wrong with a 10mm shaft. But a 8mm shaft will be more compatible with most pulleys on the market. Sensored motors are not necessary. The sensors assist in easier transitions from a standstill. In my experience, motors don’t last too long. Find an affordable one and run it hard. Ex: keda 6355 from hobbyking, tacon 160, or a smaller racerstar 5065 from banggood.

Happy to pay the upgrade if it’s worth it. It’s either £140 from or £117 from Enertion, but I expect their shipping will be more to the UK?

For the enclosure, I’m going to shape my own mould and Vac-form it from polycarb or PETG to match the board. I’d like to run the wires under the grip tape to hide them. Is there a special truck mount that allows them to come out neatly?

As I am going single motor I was thinking the larger 6374 would be better. Why do you recommend smaller?

He’s recommending a cheaper for beginning. riser from unik 3d riser with wires

Larger is better for torque, speed, efficiency. But a smaller motor is still effective. I weigh 70 kg and only ride single motor boards. One of my boards has a small 5065 motor and works fine, top speed +22 mph. My other board has a 6364 motor and has more torque, but less top end speed. I used to run a 6355 motor with success as well. 6374’s are selling for over $120. There are a few 6355 options for under $70.

And that’s a really good deal on that deck! I’m working on a cantellated tesseract build currently.

If this is the motor you mean seems really good value for £65. I thought the HobbyKing motors got bad reviews for quality and burn out?

The 6354 is only £15 cheaper so I’d rather go bigger and give myself headroom for better top speed / acceleration, depending on gearing.

I feel like no one read my post earlier and a lot of repetition commenced… Hmm…

I read your post. Just exploring the options and trying to understand more.

Seems like the SK3 is a good options!