First Build | Loaded Vanguard Deck | 1 Turnigy SK3 6374 192kv | 12S3P Samsung 25r | Vesc-X

Hi all, this is my first build and I was wondering what you think and what suggestions you have.

These are the parts that I have/ that are shipping:

Deck: Loaded Vanguard Trucks: Caliber II Wheels: 97mm ABEC 11 I bought these 3 from a shop in NY by the name of Uncle Funky’s Motor: Turnigy SK3 6374 192kv ESC: VESC-X Battery: 36 Samsung 25r cells that I will be connecting in 6S6P Remote: Wiiciever from @vitormhenrique Pulleys and Belt: 36T ABEC Pulley Combo Kit Motor Mount: From @korryh Charger: ?? I did order a BMS but it isn’t coming for over a month (I only saw after I ordered) so I might just not use it. My plan is to be able to take the battery on planes, so I think I will make 2X 2S6P batteries and 2X 1S6P batteries and possibly connect them through XT-60 connectors, but I would like to be able to charge without opening my board at all, does anybody know how I could do this? Also, correct me if I am wrong, but you are allowed to have 2 batteries over 100Wh and as many as you want under that right? If not, how could I make the battery so that I could take it on planes?


I would suggest a 12s3p so you can have speed. Otherwise you should be just fine.

Wouldn’t my range be cut in half then?

Nop… Your total stored energy will give you range… So volts x amp = total energy… 12s3p is the same as 6s6p… You need same number of cells so its same stored eneregy… But yet 12s gives u more volts = more rpm on the motor = more speed = less heat due to lower current drawn…

So then would there be any advantages to 6S6P over 12S3P? Also, I can program the vesc to limit the speed right? Because I used a calculator and it had me going at 40mph with a 12s battery.

There are no adventages of 6p6s… U can limit the speed with pulleys and gear ratio…

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12S it is, thanks!

There is actually one advantage to 6S6P…easier charging. You could forego the BMS and balance charge with any 6S balance charger (iMax, Accucel, etc). You can do this in 12S3P too, you just have to wire it more cleverly.

And yes the range should be near identical between the two. I have a 12S3P LG HG2 pack and do 12-15 miles if I’m not riding crazy fast.

How are you charging the battery at 12S, and is there any way that I could still (I didn’t have it completely worked out yetfor 6s anyway, as I didn’t have a solution for charging) make it so that I could take it apart to go on planes?

if you’re going 12s then 192kv will be too high, i dont think vescx solved the 60k+ erpm issue.

for easy charging I would just get a custom pack from @barajabali with a bms and brick charger.

I already have the cells though and I spoke to @barajabali and was told I that I couldn’t send cells in to have a battery made for me.

yea not worth it to ship them in circles, maybe he can at least help you with a bms and charger to use.

Definitely worth a shot, @barajabali any ideas on what I could use?

yea only for samsung 25R’s since I have them in stock, any other cell is fair game send them in.

the BMS and charger i would just recommend

Would this charger work: ? Also, because I want to be able to take it apart into smaller “packs”, I don’t think I’m going to use a BMS.

yea that will work for a 12s battery but it will charge your pack super fast and shipping is pretty expensive for that brick ( i use those)

I think I will buy it then, do you have any idea of how i could make it so that the batteries could be disconnected and reconnected to make the 12s3p battery, but then disconnect to make 3 12s1p batteries?

Yes I do know how. But you won’t break it up into 3 12s1p packs. You would break it into 3 4s3p packs

at least 10s. Love the vanguard decks. look forward to watching you build

@barajabali I’m intrigued, how would that work?