FIrst build, Loaded Vanguard, single motor, homemade 10S4P, BMS, VESC

Hi guys,

I recently got interested in esk8 building after having withdrawn my pre-order for a Boosted following their battery issues. I ordered what I believe is everything I need to assemble my first build, here are the parts:

  • Loaded Vanguard 42" deck Flex 2
  • Caliber v2 10" Trucks Blackout (50 Degree Baseplate)
  • Kegel 83A (a bit hard but I can’t get my hands on the 80A) with Loaded Jehu Bearings
  • DIY 36T KEGEL Pulley Combo Kit (Motor Pulley: 16T Motor Pulley, Belt Size: 265mm 12mm Wide)
  • DIY Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV
  • Benchwheel remote
  • DIY Single Bolt On Motor Mount Set ONLY (Black)
  • DIY Motor Mount Type: 63mm Motor Mount
  • DIY VESC BLDC Speed Controller
  • DIY On Off Power Switch Electric Skateboard
  • 40 x LG 18650 HG2 for custom battery
  • 36V 10S 60A BMS
  • Li-ion Li-Po 42V for 36V 37V 10S 2A Wall Socket Battery Charger
  • Bluetooth module for VESC from rpasichnyk

Am I missing anything?

Probably some kind of charing 5.5mm DC female connector…?




Are you aware of the flex of the deck? People with vanguards usually split the battery and other components in 2 parts (like Boosted) because flat battery packs won’t flex, while the deck does, and it could damage the components. You won’t be able to put 50 18650s under that board

Yeah I’m aware of that, I’m planning on building a 10S4P at first, probably split in 2 parts. I ordered 50 because there was a better bulk price and also in case I destroy a cell while building the battery (planning of soldering).

In that case, you should be okay. Which BMS will you use?

I ordered this:

Someone recommended in one of the threads.

If I’m not wrong, you should be able to get it with a switch soldered on it, this could save you a lot of time. @Jinra may tell you more specifically how to do so

Super, thanks for the advice.

I am also going for a vanguard build. Do you already have the board ? What’s ur weight ? I have the flex 2 but I dunno if I should go for the shorter flex 3… check whiteponys vanguard build. I think that is one of the best out there. He also splitted his 10s4p

Are you in Europe?

And did you already place your order?

I want a bms as well but they’re charging me 20 eur for shipping…

Hi @jujet, I’m in Canada, and I already placed my order. Shipping was expensive indeed, China seems to have logistic problems theses days, I’m still waiting for stuff from aliexpress (non-esk8 related), it’s been 2 months… So they offer this expensive shipping option but guarantee a decent delivery.

Hi @TranxFu, I’m 80kg, I was gonna go for the Flex 3 but in this thread@whitepony highly recommends going for the Flex 2.

cant stress enough that I think that the flex 1 and flex 2 vanguards are much better carvers than the smaller flex 3+ models that boosted is using. the 2 42" flex versions allow your feet to stand comfortably far away from the trucks, giving you really great damping and a really awesome springy return … and at the same time, the larger wheelbase makes for a more stable ride.

Thanks buddy ! Just what I needed to hear :D… I’m 85kg and lets say add a backpack(5kg). Flex 2 should be fine then. I was just worried about the extra 10cm… I’ll go with nearly the same setup as yours. Just minor differences in motor and drive train… How are you planning to make your split enclosures ? And are you sure about soldering the 18650 ? Theres cheap ways to make a DIY Spotwelder

Glad I could help @TranxFu, I’ll go for split enclosures indeed, I’m waiting for 3d files from this thread, or I’ll print these. For the battery, I’ve done some research and there should not be a problem with soldering as long as you’re fast, I don’t want to get into the trouble of building a spot welder. I also read that spot welding does not create a contact surface as good as traditional soldering, but I could be wrong.

Do you know how you are going to connect the VESCs with the battery?, for my build, which is technically the same as yours, I’ll use flat braided tinned copper wires and a wood router to connect the electronics from the top, after that I’ll have to cover the cable with epoxy and cover it later with grip tape.

I went with the 38" Flex 3 Vanguard as I’m looking for some flex but not as much, I plan to stand near the tracks to get maximum control at high speeds, looking to get 23MPH (38km/hr) on my build, and stand a little bit more in the center for carving intensive rides and get the springy benefit of the deck. With the 42" you only have the option to stand in the center for carving, but the added weight would hurt braking ability and turning reaction would be diminished at high speeds, on the other hand the bulkiness of a 42" would not be good for carry it around.

Please share pictures of your work and parts, whenever you can, I’m triying to follow all Vanguard threads in order to help me when I receive my parts, your build will be awesome LOL

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Haha looks like youguys will be the testers for my eventual vanguard build. I myself am thinking about using a vinyl wrap underneath the deck, which might serve as a solid place to run the wires so I don’t have to go above the deck or drill through. Please document as much as you can! As much as I’ve learned, I feel like everybody is still leagues ahead of me on this.

I’ll use a router on the top of the deck to create 2 channels and regular 10 gauge wire for the connection to the VESC. Like you, i’lol use epoxy to fill the holes and black grip tape after.

The Vanguard comes with transparent grip, I’m not sure if it’s tape though, so I don’t know how difficult it’s going to be to remove.

I’m mostly focusing on range and less on speed, I probably won’t be carving as juch as you so the flex does not bother me.

Good luck with your build, looking forward to see how it turns out.

Here is my 10S4P layout, it is inspired from the battery made by @barajabali for @Eboosted:

It was a design @jackw and I put together, @barajabali made the idea physically together

The wiring looks great @pyttroll, what BMS are you going to use? Batteries Support’s?

The battery pack should be in Peru by this weekend, as soon as I have it with me I’ll take the final measures and print the 3D enclosure together, hope the board looks visually appealing with it bolted on.

I’m using the exact same BMS as yours. Looking forward to see that enclosure printed.

The grip tape on the vanguard is sprayed on. So you’ll have to sand it down