FIrst build, Loaded Vanguard, single motor, homemade 10S4P, BMS, VESC

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Here is a quick update.

I received my batteries late december, 50 x LG HG2.

That’s a lot of boxes…

I checked them all for voltage consistency.

I initially was going to build a 10S4P so I selected the 40 HG2s with the closest voltage. I built at 10S5P in the end…

Added more insulation on the positive side.

Hot glued cells of 5 HG2s.

And spot welded them.

Plugged everything to test out the wiring.


Vaccuum formed some enclosures.

Added a vinyl wrap on one of them (second one is pending completion).

Drilled some holes and added inserts.

Screwed the back enclosure to the board, waiting on some washers to arrive…

The other enclosure mounted, needs vinyl wrapping…

Routed channels for the main wires.

And then for the balancing wires.

Flex test. Enclosure can take the bounce.

Pushing it.

I’m almost done with the project, a few hours left to finish the wiring and cut holes for the anti-spark switch and charging port.


That looks amazing, congrats!

My friend and I are building two Vanguards, the forst one if already done, I’ll do mine as soon as i finish the final details Never Summer Reaper.


Congrats to you too, these look awesone!

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Any updates on this build? Looks sweet and I’m curious to know the top speed with your setup!

I have to make a new enclosure for the back, I can’t fit my VESC, BMS and anti spark switch in there. I have to find time, and being a dad with a small kid does not leave you much time : ) Plus I need to wait for the snow to melt. I’ll keep you posted.

Finally got to get the board to a very close to final state. I had to redo the rear enclosure about six times, it was initially too small, then I had some issues with the motor mount touching it when turning. I guess that’s what you get trying to fit 50 cells on a Vanguard… In the end I’m pretty happy with the result, not as clean as I would have liked it to be but good enough.

Took it for a spin and I have to say it has tons of torque, not sure why I’d put a second motor on it, I’m using @Ackmaniac firmware and it helps smoothing the acceleration.

Next step would be to install rear lights and use carbon fibre vinyl on the enclosures.

More pics I did not post before:


Is it regripped on top ? These holes look so painful :smiley: How did you split up the Pack ? I assume one side is VESC + Switch/BMS + cells and the other side is cells only ?

Yeah the top has been regripped (see first pic in last post) so you won’t see the holes :slight_smile: I have 30 cells in the front, and in the back I have the other 20 along with a BMS, the VESC, a buck converter for the lights, and Vedder’s antispark switch.

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Nice work :slight_smile: I’m about to put 60 cells on my Vanguard so will be interesting to see how that goes… :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re a brave man :slight_smile:

Nice build. Your enclosures look so good, have you thought about making more and selling some for the community ? :slight_smile:

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Thanks, unfortunately I don’t have much spare time these days and I don’t feel that the quality of the enclosures is good enough to be sold to third parties.

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Test rode the board and got a bit of a scare when I lost the brakes, VESC threw an OVER VOLTAGE error. This was caused by the battery being 100% full and using the BatterySupport BMS. I’ll probably rewire the BMS for charge only… I’d rather lose a battery than my life…

Anyway, the board is super fun to ride, here’s a vid of my neighbor, he came running out when he saw me, I think he’s hooked.

What’s your max input voltage on the vesc? Should be 57V

Yes, it’s 57V.

FYI, today I’ve hit my max top speed on the build, 46 kph, I’m currently running 90mm ABEC and 16/36 gearing. I’m also getting a range of about 60km.


46 kph? Damn! that’s fast.

Be careful and wear a helmet

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This gives my ideas for my next build, wifey will not be pleased… :laughing: Nice work!

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