First Build Log - Esk8Mint (working on that name)

i was going to use the 2 5s batteries as 10Ah 10S so yes in parallel.

Well if you want 10ah and 10s you will need 4 of those batteries. Because 2 in parallel and then 2 in series

wait wut I need 4 x 5000mAh 5S to make it 10000mAh 10S?

Only parallel batteries add up capacity, therefore wouldnt I only need 2 in parallel to make it 10Ah?

4 x 3Ah 5S 20C Battery = 6Ah10S 40C because parallel and serial 4 x 5Ah 5S 20C Battery = 10Ah10S 40C because parallel and serial 2 x 5Ah 5S 20C Battery = 10Ah10S 20C because parallel only?

Also what is this? It says no matter what the config is I should get around the same range (with different power of course)

This is from this thread

Try to ignore the two posts above, I just decided to go with 4 x 3Ah 5S1P.

Heres my diagram for my BMS charging only setup im planning

Does everything look good? Any suggestions or something?

I just added this so that I can make the battery pack modular

I got the Caliber truck, wheels, bearings, and skate tools today!

Notice how I said “truck” instead of “trucks”

Yep, Amazon screwed up and sent 1 instead of 2. No worries though! Their amazing support gave me a full refund and allowed me to keep the truck! They also provided priority shipping for my new trucks. I chose the black version of the caliber trucks this time! It will look a bit better!

But what do I do with one single caliber truck lmao… I’m thinking of maybe selling it once I confirm that I get 2 proper black trucks. Or maybe just keep it and hang it on the wall in case I do my next project I guess…

UPDATE: I got most of my parts ordered!

I really need help with 2 things though. A motor pulley and the belts for it.

I’m currently looking for a 15T or 16T, 15mm wide motor pulley. For some reason all of these specifications didn’t match up with online hardware stores. I’m also looking for the 15mm wide belts. I seemed to never figure out what was a good length of the belt as well, and I really need help with that.

The rest (BMS and charging set) is on hold for now. I’m looking for a better solution for charging (maybe a custom made charger that uses XT90?) that can do 4-6 amps.I also couldn’t find a BMS that was going to take literally a month to ship here (Virginia, US). I got myself the balance charger IMAX + parallel plate as a temporary solution. (I needed these to figure out how fast it charges in 6 amps and whatnot as well as just a solid charger in case the BMS solution doesnt work out)

here is the list

Me personally, I would put the stuff together and then use a string to find the belt length and order it from

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The first two calculations you did were correct but if you only connect 2 5s 5ah batteries in parallel it will be 5s 10ah. Voltage is only added when in series

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now you can use 3 trucks! hooray!

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hahah Yay!

no flex = more clearance right??? just gotta put the third one in the middle

[TL;DR below]

Alright been a while since update but basically everything except the BMS charging solution and extra hardware is now ordered!

EDIT: Here’s the google sheets parts list link

I also got a balanced charger for a more solid charging solution just for the few weeks until I get my BMS charging solution figured out plus in case the BMS breaks down on me.

But there are some slight regrets on my decisions, that can probably be resolved by refunding them to replace with better parts. I kind of want to switch my motor solution from the 6364 motor suggested by @pat.speed to a 6374 motor for a couple of reasons.

  1. I tried to go for a slightly small motor just so that I might be able to do dual motor setup in the future, and dumb me thought my standard caliber 2 trucks would be enough to be dual motor proof for the 6364 motor

  2. I didn’t realize that single motor is really common and enough to get decent performance in my case. Now that I slowly begin to learn that single motor setups are quite common and powerful enough, I kinda regret it and want to get myself a 6374 192KV from hobbyking. (Also, I see some other options that are 6374 168KV and 6374 149KV… price wise not much of a difference but how much of a difference is it performance wise?)

Thanks to @b264 I got myself 2 280mm-5M-15mm belts. The 280mm length was recommended by live support when I asked what was the recommended length for a 40T 16T setup (I know im getting a 40T 15T setup but I was being polite because I realized they didn’t sell 15T motor mounts).

Also huge thanks to @mccloed for helping me out with the wheel pulleys! I bought 2 40T wheel pulleys from him with a set of mounting hardware for $25. He had some difficulty with his printer which ended up shipping my item a couple of days later but in return he offered me a couple of used 36T wheel pulleys in case I want to go speedy in the future! What a guy! Because of this I also got 265mm-5M-15mm belts for the 36T wheel pulleys (length also recommended by

Now the things that I didn’t decide on yet. The charging solution. I did get a 10S BMS from ebay for charging only and bypass discharge. I asked the YT channel I got the BMS solution idea from (I AM DELUXE) how I could charge my batteries faster and they replied I simply have to get higher amps with same voltage to get faster charging speeds than what they had (a hoverboard charger 2A 36V 10S). So I went looking for a charging solution that was compact, portable, and safe to use. I first got the idea of making my own charging port out of a XT60/XT90 connector set from one of @Tampaesk8er’s comments on a thread. I directly asked him for suggestions and he mentioned that having higher amps than 2A can be a risk for the BMS because of its heat. However if you check this thread you can see up there [quote=“JdogAwesome, post:15, topic:36240, full:true”] Yeah I get that though in that video he didn’t address the PSU at all. For $50 on AliExpress you can get a charger that will fully charge your board in an hour at 5A. LINK [/quote]

Considering that @JdogAwesome recommended a 5A PSU for my BMS charging solution I was kind of confused if higher amps for charging was going to be a risk or a great solution. It’s probably obviously both risky but also functional, however I wanted input from you guys, the experienced ones.


  1. I bought everything but BMS charging solution.
  2. I regret getting a 6364 and want to get 6374 192KV if refund is possible.
  3. Is a charger that is higher than 2A for the BMS solution a risky thing for the BMS or is it a functional way to charge the batteries faster?

I dont see any reason that it would be “riskier” though the faster you charge LiPo’s the shorter life they have, though I think the decreased charging time is definitely worth it. And anyways even at 5A your still charging at below 1C so you’ll still probably get around 300-400 cycles before you even start to see any capacity degradation. Oh and personally I was charging my 6S 10Ah pack at 8A and the BMS didnt even get warm, now at 12S I charge at 4A and it still doesnt get warm, except for when its balancing.

Can I get your BMS’s specs?

I have a 6374 149kv outrunner single motor from hobby king and yesterday, i hit 21mph with 3x 5000mAh zippy flightmax 20c batteries and i weigh 198lbs. Forme, one motor does the job.

Yeah im using THIS 21A 12S BMS and im obviously bypassing the over current protection works well so far.

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Rough draft 1 of final board om hoping for (not final at all)

Heres a batter calc

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