First Build Log - Esk8Mint (working on that name)

So, I recieved a lot of things today, including the genuine IMAX B6AC V2… but there is a bit of a problem with that product

The screen is flickering like crazy, the product seems to function well when I click around the buttons but I didn’t plug in my batteries just in case something was wrong with the product. I contacted hobbyking for support for possibly a faulty product.

I know the product is genuine because I checked the code beneath the product on the halo sticker and it said it was genuine and the code was checked only once.

Other than that, my parts are all arriving very shortly! I hope it turns out well in the end!

Prototype board is done! Now I gotta work on the enclosure and bug fixing to get it ready for a test ride outside!

Prototype seems to be finished and functional! Today was an exhausting but fun day.

Problems so far:

  • For some reason if I turn off remote while vesc is on the motors suddenly go full throttle until I turn on my remote. This seems to be my own settings issue, I will do my own research later just not now…

  • Motor mount on caliber truck seems to be too loose, I might have to get help with welding or buying a better caliber truck adapter or something to be confident about the mount.

  • Motor is doing some weird vibration movement instead of rotating sometimes. I asked hobbyking about this sending them a video and they offered me in store credit of the same price of the motor to let me buy a better one! I ordered the 6374 168kv for better torque since torque is a priority over top speed for me!

  • Enclosures might wobble a lot when riding in real environment. This was a prototype made with a solid looking hook tape design but obviously it is not enough. I am planning to drill holes so that I can attatch the lid solid on the board with the hook tape still there as a secondary backup.

If you have any tips on the stuff listed above feel free to give suggestions!

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About the motor going full throttle there is a setting in the Vesc setup under the name of fail safe or something to stop that from happening maybe someone else can explain better.

As for the motor vibrating, is it happening at the start at low speed? If so this is normal for sensorless motors.

What motor mount are you using? Some people put heatshrink on the hanger to make it slightly larger so the clamp fits better

(I just realized my post written from my phone was so badly formatted lol)

  1. Thank you for the info! I actually researched just a bit before I went to bed yesterday and I think I know how to fix it too!

  2. Oh. I mean here is the video I sent to hobbyking but if this is normal then I guess I have a free motor… lol

  3. I’m actually using a sorta cheap-o one from amazon that uses a c shaped clamp thing which i thought would be enough but now that I see it really isnt the best way to mount the motor mount. What do you mean by heatshrink, you mean that tube that shrinks when heat is applied? How do people do it?

EDIT: whoops… forgot the video

Well looking at the video of the motor something does look wrong with it. I actually have this motor and love it, so you might have just gotten a bad one from HobbyKing. It actually looks as if the screws/bolts holding it to the mount might be going too far in and hitting the stator.

As for the heatshrink they just used it to make the truck hanger slightly larger so the mounts would clamp on tighter. Does your mount have set screws the go into the truck?

  • Yeah I didn’t request the 6374 just because the motor looked bad or anything, I just considered getting a better motor since the day after I ordered it after looking at some threads about their experience with their motors.
  • I see how they’re doing it now with the heatshrink… I’m wondering if it’s going to work with just tight electrical tape?

Yeah should do the trick just make sure you put on an even amount

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I forgot to add, I fixed the full throttle when disconnected issue. I had to re-pair the controller with the little turning notches all set to neutral in order to set the default fail safe action to “do nothing” when disconnected. It wasn’t in the VESC settings as I expected.

2 weeks since I updated (because of stupid china customs holding on the motor pulley) and I tested the board outside and geez it was so powerful! Starting acceleration was nice, it handled small hill bumps pretty good and surprisingly smooth ride.

After the test ride I figured I might as well install my BMS and charging solution because it already arrived while the motor pulley was stuck in customs. While installing, I did get some scaaaary sparks coming from some of the balance cables from the battery. I also did get some smoke but hopefully it was from the sparks and not the battery cells. I carefully tested the battery after that incident and everything seemed to work fine so I decided to continue. After everything was wired up I tested the capacity using the capacity indicator, got the initial value and plugged in my 2A charger. After like 10 or 15 minutes I unplugged the charger and tested the capacity and 3% rose! Yay charging seems to work well with the BMS! Currently I am trying to test if the BMS cuts off the charging when it hits 100%.

Overall, going great so far! All the parts have arrived except for one extra charger I found that had 4A charging. Hopefully the final version gets done by the end of this week!

These are the problems and questions I have so far.

  • When I let go of the remote trigger while moving I get a sudden brake first and then start to slow down. I’m going to try to look for a solution where it makes the vesc slow down gradually when I let go instead of just cutting off the power to the motor.

  • Should I be worried about the one battery that caused some sparks on the balancing cable while wiring it up or should it be okay?

  • Can I plug in the loop key while charging to see how much capacity I have left? I never did this because most of the posts here say that I should leave the loop key unplugged while charging. I had to unplug the charging cable every time I wanted to see how much capacity it has.

forgot to upload some reference images

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Lmao same,

Later: oh shit I spent 1200

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What bms is that

I think I found it, but to be sure, it is this one right?

I have the full list above but here it is for ya

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Thank you!

Did the bms come with balance wires. Does it seem to perform well?

if you read the specifications, yep

performance, I think it works great but do know that it is still in new condition and it might not perform well in the long run. Many many people in this forum recommend Bestech but I went with this one since I don’t really have the best budget plus I have a LiPo balance charger anyways just in case the BMS fails on me.

I have the same problem, bestech seems great but you need to buy 2 and shipping is 1/4 of the cost, supower is decent (debating on buying one) but on the pricier side, the one you showed looks promising, I have a balance charger at home and there is a balance board. Thanks for the response!

EDIT: Here’s the balance board. I think @Hummie uses this one, im not sure, but seems good for a charge only bms alternative.

still haven’t gotten them yet and are coming slowly. I’ll maybe hook them up but lately am into making a charger with these or a higher power version