First build longboard and upgrade to off-road dual motor with 103mm wheels

Hello everyone

Last year I started to build my first electric longboard with single motor.

I’ve found the video on youtube and I’ve decided to do similar to start with.

I’ve ordered


18128 1 ESC ROTORSTAR 80A (2~6S) SBEC BRUSHLESS SPEED CONTROLLER (link for 100A, they don’t sell 80A any more) 55385 2 Batteries ZIPPY COMPACT 5000MAH 3S 25C LIPO PACK 21370 1 Charger IMAX B6 DC CHARGER 5A 50W (COPY) 76461_5__4 1 Skateboard

38in. Free Rider Skateboard 42561996-1-f 42561996-2-f 1 kit Sprocket Chain Wheel s-l500 1 remote 2.4GHz Radio Remote Controller Receiver Binding Plug for Electric Skateboard s-l1600 1 Motor Mount (This is second. First motor mount i did from aluminium scrap) TURNIGY SKATEBOARD CONVERSION KIT SPARE PARTS - MOTOR MOUNT

125531 1 Programming Card (after I broke my arm without any breaking system) 20698 2 Switch New Blue Car 12V Round Rocker Boat LED Light Toggle SPST Switch ON-OFF LACA s-l1600%20(1)

I’ll post the result soon.

Please feel free to comment and recommend

Thank you

I may be mistaken but I do believe the motor mount from HK is for 50xx motors.

Edit: I stand corrected lol


nah it fits 63xx motors

@gary_au a couple things:

  1. That motor will be fine. however if you upgrade to 10s further along the line, the kv will be far too high.

  2. that ESC will work but will no way be good. I recommend the turnigy sk8 esc instead of this as it is highly configurable and has much better start up torque and brakes. that esc will run hot and uncomfortably

  3. those batteries will work, but you will not get very much range and you also wont get a very good top speed. just be aware of that :slight_smile:

  4. that deck is the deck i personally use and its pretty damn good. i stripped it to bare basics though and worked from there. 20180816_105318 20180816_105212

  5. that motor mount i have only heard bad things about. think about upgrading it soon :smiley:

  6. what is that switch for? you cannot use it to switch your board on and off as the fully charged voltage is far too high. you either need an eswitch or mosfet switch like a vedder switch Whereabouts in aussie are ya? i’m in sydney

hope this helps my man p.s next time you order parts make a list like this FIRST and then purchase so that you can accumulate peoples opinions and experience first :grimacing::grimacing:


I’ve modified it a little bit IMG_2500 IMG_2501

I’ve bought board and tried 8" trolley wheels. Looks cool but I need a wider truck. I’ve decided use original truck and wheels IMG_6905

I had some difficulties with fixing small motor sprocket IMG_7520 IMG_7558 IMG_7831

then I welded it :slightly_smiling_face: and put everything together (added 4 led lights with remote) IMG_7335

IMG_0030 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0027 IMG_0025 IMG_0026

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I didn’t use card to program breaks on ESC. But after an accident I programmed breaks on ESC IMG_0023

I’ve found new off-road 103mm wheels IMG_0551 IMG_0584 IMG_0652

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But it didn’t work at all (not even 100m) and my 80A ESC was burned :neutral_face: IMG_2502

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I’ve tried this one but my 2.4GHz receiver didn’t work with this ESC, maybe receiver was burned too Flycolor 150A boat ESC: Continuous current:150A The burst current: 900A up to seconds Input Voltage: 2-6 cells(7.4V-22.2V) Li-po battery BEC: 5.5V/5A Switch BEC Size: 765625mm Weight: 169g IMG_2503

ESCs not designed for electric skateboards will not have smooth brakes and might throw you off and try to Superman you onto the street


This is truth. I spent well over $100 on blown Chinese car/boat esc when i would have saved money just starting with a Vesc. $85 from hobby king is a steal in comparison of the preformance you will get out of it.

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Please just buy a vesc, you would have saved money by getting one to start with.

In all honesty people try to save money with car escs but it’s actually more to get a car esc now. A reliable esc like x-car beast is about $75 then you need a $30 card to program it so your at around $100 when a vesc from flipsky is $80 on eBay.

Edit: the probable reason that your esc fried is the gear ratio with the new wheels. You need to get a smaller tooth sprocket, I got some on eBay for $3. I now have a 2.7:1 gear ratio on 97mm wheels


:hospital: a broken arm and fire :fire: is not that bad. Some people would pay extra for that kind of unique experience. :wink:


Hello mate. Thank you for your comment. Your board looks cool :+1: I’m from Melbourne

  1. I didn’t know about this helpful website before… Motor the same as on video. I’m going to update system to 9S (going to order one more battery) What motor do you recommend for 9S Single motor and for 9S Dual motor systems?

  2. ESC doesn’t work any more. I’ll go with your recommended turnigy sk8 esc. Thanks

  3. Range and Speed aren’t great. I’m going to buy one more to make 9S. Probably next step after buing second motor will be another 3 batteries to connect parallel I need more range and a bit more speed

  4. For my 95kg this deck is great!

  5. What motor mount is better?

  6. First switch is for switching board on and off. Second switch is for lights and battery indicator.

They are 12V/24V. But I’ll update for an eswitch or mosfet switch.

Thank you))

all good, adding another pack to get 9S will be just fine. the motor you have will be able to handle it easily. however you need to limit your ERPM in the vesc settings. it needs to be limited to 60k erpm. Next, when you have the sk8 esc, you’re gonna NEED a mosfet switch or bms switch. the first time you switch the esc on it will blow that small switch straight away. the best motor mount out atm in my opinion is the @dickyho mount. its a nice design and easy to use. If you want another motor, you can either just purchase another sk8 esc (vesc) and the same motor you have, OR, sell the motor and buy a 190kv 63XX motor of sorts (either sk8 or sk3).
if you want to add more range, you’d be better of purchasing another 3 batteries and putting them in parallel to essentially get one big 9S 10000mah pack.
just please, like @pat.speed said, only use a vesc. its better for your bank account and better for the hospital bill!!! :smiley:

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Yes, I need a smooth breaks :smiley: I don’t want to be a Superman

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