First build longboard

hi I’m a student from Belgium and I want to build my first electric longboard. I already choose some parts for my build and I want to know if these work together.



battery: 2 in series


Yep they will. I’d suggest running two of those batteries in series for 10s… And don’t forget to grab a remote from alien too :slight_smile:

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Do you know how to program the esc with my pc? And would this remote do the job?

You will probably get more info/response if you move this into a build thread…

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Hi there!

I’m from belgium and have a little webshop. I can help you out if you want :slight_smile: Do you speak dutch?

You would be much better off to spend a little more for ESC and get a Vesc. It will be much more programable and have much better brakes that are also regenerative.

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