First build. Looking for freedback :)


  • Range: ~15km (10miles) Maybe more if I can
  • Speed: ~30-40kmh (20mph) Good and safe cruising speed for the city
  • Type: Looking for individual parts. I really like the foosted board dyi build
  • Style: Smooth? I have a flexy board so I don’t think I have much choice
  • Budget: ~600USD ~750CAD I like the idea of starting with 1 motor and adding another one later
  • Location: Canada
  • Terrain: City, pavement and potholes
  • Weight and size: I’m 190lbs. Don’t care about the board portability
  • Tools: 3D Printer

Parts I put together:

  • FREE Deck: Loaded dervish sama (I already own this board)
  • 70cad Wheel: Orangatang Caguama 85mm
  • 25cad Bearings : Bones reds
  • 5cad Riser pad: 1/4 (Just in case my board flex too much)
  • 50usd Trucks: mboards extended
  • 55usd ESC: FSESC 4.12 flipsky? (Second one later)
  • 50usd Remote: flipsky VX1
  • 110usd Motors: Mboards 6374 180KV (Second one later)
  • 210usd Battery: Ownboard 2p10s 6.0? (Can I charge with my HOBBYMATE D6 charger?)
  • 45usd Mounts: Mboards Premium Motor Mount
  • 40usd Pulley/Belt: Mboards 36T Pulley 8mm
  • 25usd ESC Case: Onwboard with LCD display

~850 cad

Additional info and questions:

  • I have no idea what I’m doing. Suggestions are welcome
  • I’m not looking for absolute top of the line equipment
  • I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, fix and troubleshoot things
  • I would like to have popular parts that have a lot of ressources online
  • Is flipsky a good brand? Apparently shipping takes a long time from their website?
  • Mboards reputable? I saw a lot of bad feedback
  • Is it true I need to avoid at any cost?
  • Better choice to pick FSESC 6.6 instead of 4.12? I’m not sure what’s the difference tbh
  • Caliber 2 for trucks ~30$ more
  • Difference between 4.0 and 6.0ah?

Stores I’m planning on using:

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There’s always a way. Don’t eat for 5 days. Whammy, you got an extra hundy for esk8. Though you are in Canada… Extra 40 for esk8.:rofl:


Depends, the new battle hardened motors are good. The ESCs aren’t bad when used at like 1/2 power. VX1 is good. Avoid everything else.

No, they sell rebranded chinese parts and have a bad reputation with QC and CS.

This is a good website! There is sometimes confusion between and DIYEBoard is that bad one. BTW MBoards is basically just rebranded DIYEBoard parts.

They make really good stuff (Other than the direct drives which had some QC issues). The motors are solid, the Torque ESC performs great, and their mechanical parts are good. Dexter is a nice guy but seems to be a overwhelmed with business and is having a hard time keeping up with customer support. Other than that they are great.

The 6.6 is a newer version, it usually performs better than 4.12 and can handle more current.

If they are the same voltage, then the 6Ah will have 50% more range than the 4Ah.

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That’s a Good way to ease into DIY without blowing budget up front.

TIP: With variESC firmware you can make a dual motor controller, like the new Focbox Tenka, run a single motor with stupid amounts of current. Then when you want the 2nd motor just change back to the default firmwares for dual motors.

That’s probably one of the easiest ways to transition from single to dual drive without needing to completely rewire your build.


Depends what haters are replying to you or your source of info… lots of people like to search for and reference shit that happened 3 or 4 years ago and keep bringing it up like it happened yesterday.

The reality is, in esk8, Everything was kinda shit once upon a time and not a single supplier has a product that didn’t fail at least once.

Also, people that don’t have problems with thier gear don’t tend to hang out on forums talking up how problem free their build was. They are out riding and enjoying life.

The haters on the other hand love to spread bad energy around, i guess it makes them feel good. So, if you search hard enough you will always be able to find someone who is eager to share a bad story they heard about, from a friend of their mates, who once had a bad thing happen.

My bet is that all 3 of those suppliers will work hard to deliver your order in a timely fashion and help you to their best ability if the products have a manufacturer fault or you are unable to make something work as expected.

But also be aware, there will always be limitations to what can be resolved, repaired, troubleshot via email. If you believe something is faulty you may need to posit it back at your own expense, so supplier location might be worthconsidering.

Also, if you buy parts from 4 or 5 different suppliers it makes troubleshooting much harder, so buy as much as possible from one supplier so that they can offer the best service and support. Some stuff just isn’t plug and play and you may experience compatibility headaches

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Where in Canada?

85mm might be a stretch for potholes. I know it would be for my area. You may be better served by an AT setup.

Thank you so much man. I really appreciate the feedback. I updated my part list based on all the feedback I received. I would love to have your feedback on the new build if you have time :slight_smile:

New part list based on the feedback I received!

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I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Thank you for the info!

Hey man! I’m located in Montreal :slight_smile:

I don’t believe those pulleys come with bearings so you’ll need those. I recommend Oust for drive train bearings.

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Around $1500US will get you a 44MPH 20Mile range EMTB. I know because I made one. So a crazy build might not be out of budget.

I pride my safety, so flipsky nothing for me. Im not gambling with my Life. As for ESC only thing that seems to handle everything f*&%king thing I throw at it is the Unity. Dam thing is a Rock.

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iff you want a softer ride (larger wheels) the mountainboard settup is a big jump from what i know in terms of completely different components. (some one may correct me iff i’m wrong here). So you might wanna look for rough stuff wheels or cloudwheels as the come whith abec flywheel style cores so they should be compatible with a lot of builds and easily interchangeble. ( i’m not a expert so iff the experienced builders want to back me up or correct me that would be nice)

Kegel cores will have more options than abec or abec clone cores

i guess that changed in the last couple of years then. guess i’ll need some time to get up to date with everything

Just wanted to say this thread has been really useful. I have read lots of the comments and as someone who is also trying to build my first board its been really interesting. Thank you all.