First build mini-cruiser a few questions


Im trying to convert my mini-cruiser from Dusters. I really would like the board to be strong enough to get up hills in city, not that steep. So I guess a dual is required. Have a look at the images, what do you guys think?

Ive got a list to buy (havent dont’ this yet) of all the parts from hobbyking. Im planning to create the pulley and buy the rest if I can find them in some store.


Tell us the parts that you want to buy, and tell me the size of that wheel

Hi! Thanks!

Well, these are the parts I think I need. I list both dual and single config. But perhaps a single has enough power?

Two motors (dual build): Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5055-280kv Brushless Outrunner Motor

One motors (single build): Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192kv Brushless Outrunner Motor

Two esc (one for single build): Hobbyking YEP 100A (2~6S) SBEC Brushless Speed Controller

Rest the same for dual and single motor build.

One splitter: XT60 Harness for 2 Packs in Series (1pc)

Two batteries: MultiStar LiHV High Capacity 5200mAh 6S 10C Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack

One remote: Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System

The wheelsize says: 66mm Depth of the wheels is: 50mm Trucks (between bearings) is: 120mm Length between wheels is: 117mm


But U wanna plug that batteries in parallel, right? Use Vesc, Maybe Its better for this motors

And I think 66mm is a bit small, I don’t know, You need to ask the experts

How do you mean parallel? And what is the difference between ESC and Vesc?

Also, it seems the dual motor config will not fit two motors Total Length E(mm): 81.00. Or would it work with my trucks?

…and I don’t get these measurments. Its says length 140mm that is very big.

Man, When you connect two batteries (ex:6s) in Series (Positive with Positive) it will double the voltage (ex:12s). When you connect in Parallel (Positive and Negative) it will give the double of Mah.


Vesc is a ESC made by Vedder that is the better one for eSK8, It have some features that other don’t have, I think the most important is the BLDC tool, that you can ajust the configuration of your ESC. It is a bit more expensive, but it’s better. Vesc has Regenerative Breaks, Current Control, Voltage Cut off, and a lot of other features, like the UART port that, with an arduino, you can read the Data of your motor.

About the trucks

I really don’t know, you need to calculate it your self, with the motor mounts you wanna use, and a lot of Trucks have curves, It can be a problem, mine have this problem so I sanded to fit. But let’s make a simple calculation, Two Motor that have 55mm lenght, so it’s 110mm, just the motor, plus the Motor Mount, something between 2mm and 6mm, and plus the Motor Pulleys. You could Make a dual drive but in differents trucks, one motor on the front, one motor on the back. But if you are Light, I think a Single motor would probably work.

I don’t think Quanum is a good remote

Buy GT2B and 3d print BadWolf Enclousure, of Buffalo, you decide, a lot of people don’t like Quanum, but you do what you want. I bought Alien Power Remote, everybody says it is good.


Thank you so much for all the info! This is great!

Yes I think I need to start with a single motor, probably cheaper. Later I might put one in the front too. Great about the control, really worth the extra money.

You’re Welcome, About the battery, with this motor [quote=“amc, post:3, topic:18344”] Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192kv Brushless Outrunner Motor [/quote] you can run max 10s, or it will burn VESC

You mean max 2 of those? 5000mah each?

NO man, max 10s, if you buy 2 6s and use the plug that you linked u will burn your vesc, but with 6s you don’t have the max power that you could, search for 10s batteries, or two 4s and use that plug, and it will turn a 8s

Ok get it! Thanks! Do you have a link to that VESC?

whats your budget? range, speed, weight…

a single vesc build can do almost anything but you will spend at least $500-600.

those wheel wont have enough clearance for the motors. you’ll want at least 80mm. 90/97mm are smooth af!


This is my first build so max $500 incl shipping to Sweden.

My weight is 70kg. I would like to get up hills in the city. Stockholm is not that steep. Speed max 30km/h I guess. The law in Sweden is max 20km/h what I know…but hey… Range is ok around 15 to 20 km or more would be fantastic.

I like the board I have. Getting new trucks would make it look strange but probably more stable. I guess I would be able to fit the motor etc.


it will be really close, but if you can make some of the parts yourself and find some deals it can be done.

I’m trying to convert because we still use stone age units here…but those number seem very realistic.

Build guide build #1 is what i’m running now. i need to correct it. is actually does about 26km range. so you could do smaller batteries…

Looks great! I will have a look at that.

You that is in Europe, Search for sites like Alien Power (I can send you a Coupon) and ESK8.DE

You can buy it at, Enertiom, Alien Power Systems, DIY electric skateboard, Miami Boards

Great thanks! I really appreciate your help. Will check, was not that cheap what I can see. Gonna look at the rest too.