First build - Mono 6374, VESC, 10S3P, BMS, 90mm Flywheel

@Luuke nice stuff! Those ACDC converters have transformers on them? Isolated outputs? Nice!

Transformers? sure! They convert the AC Voltage of 110V - 240V to 5V DC! What do you mean by isolated Outputs? Which connection should be isolated?

Hey thanks for answering. I saw you post in another thread confirming. What I meant was, do those ac dc 5v converters isolate the ground?

Hey next question, do the acdc (oi oi oi!) converters get hot?

Thanks for making the franken charger and posting man. I have parts on the way for a 2 amp version – I think I’ll end up with the TP5000 modules with the heat sink on the back, about $1.65 per piece.

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The converters may get a little warm, but definitely not hot. 2A version sounds great! Let me know when you are done with it! And think about choosing a 2A 5V ACDC converter :wink:

Yeah here’s my list.

Bought the 3a tp4056 but I think that was a mistake. Bought some tp5000 2a after watching this video.

The buck converters, hard to find super cheap ones that are more than 10w.


great find, i was about to buy those too.