First build - mtb

Hey guys,

Just started my build.

Based on a mbs comp 95x board.

2x focbox, with 190kv 6374s

I am waiting on pulleys and belts, but have started prototyping the motor mounts today! (only plywood so far :P)




Looks nice, but I see a big problem in your design:

  • You need to make it able to move the motor away from and back to the axis of the hanger or use a movable idler pulley, other ways you won’t be able to have the exact belt tension.

Have a great time with modelling and the built it self :slight_smile:

What Steve said - you need some way to adjust the belt tension, either by moving the motor, moving an idler pulley, or making the mount itself longer/shorter.

Oh yeah I know, I will cut slots in the final mounts, this was just to test :slight_smile:

Another thing to consider is that the mount is a little close to the deck. The motor or the mount may hit the deck while cornering.

You might be right there, I will do some tests tomorrow :slight_smile:

Yeah maybe, I would take out the 2 springs, so you can see at full movement

Good idea, will do that tomorrow.

Motor mount mk2, clears the board ok.