First build need advice 38" deck

So basically I’m looking for a reasonable set up probably rated to 12s ? I want to future proof my self and figure i can alway just run a smaller battery if its to at first. Any suggestions on kits mounts ect ?

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What exactly are you asking?

Eddited (sorry new to this)

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There are literally hundreds of builds posted on the forum that meet your needs. Use the search function. Read. Learn. Be happy.


Welcome to the wonderful world of esk8. Sorry to be short with you, there are always people asking the same questions and it gets a little old after a while.

Yea i can imagine. I’m coming from a racing drone background. though that would help but this is a completely different world.

Similar components, different requirements.

Yea basically. At least the batteries don’t change so i can cross that off the list of things to learn

Well not necessarily, we have li ion cells which are a bit better than lipos in my opinion

Looks like you have Paris trucks, its a little difficult to find motor mounts for them. Look the RIPBA motor mounts from @psychotiller, they are great with a little work.

I would suggest 10s instead of 12s, its safer (regarding the ERPM limit on VESC’s) and cheaper. You could go with series connected 5s (x2) or 2s (x5) lipos for a cheap but well performing battery pack.

The key is going to be the builds category like @MysticalDork pointed out. There are literally shopping lists for builds and you can see results as well. I’ve heard good things about that mount too :wink:

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Sorry to hijack… I’m in the final hours of a build (from laminating the deck to making a motor mount etc, just vac forming ABS enclosures now…) and I’m running 12s with a 190kv keda motor… I though under 200kv was safe with the VESC at 12s???

It is, unless your fully charged and ride the breaks downhill. Then the over charge can cause issues.

I’ve got lithium hv batts (4.35vat full) will that make things worse? should I limit my charger to 4.2v?

Im not really sure, I would ask @Namasaki. He’s the king of Lipos :slight_smile:

What is the nominal voltage for those batteries

Thanks @Namasaki it’s 3.8v per cell (45.6v for the pack)…

Are you planning to use a hobby charger or a bms and brick charger?

I’m parallel charging my 3 4s 8000mah lihv using a hobby charger that can do 4.2v end or 4.35v for lihv. Will charging the pack to full put more strain on the VESC? I thought that I was within limits…

You should be fine fully charging them at 4.35v for a total of 52.2v The Vesc is rated to 60 volt. I would recommend investing in a 4 bank charger to charge them separately simultaneously. That way you can monitor the health of each cell individually when charging

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