First Build - Need advice across the board! 6s, 236k, Single Drive

Hello All!

I have been lurking around these parts on and off for the last few months, but finally got my board home from out of state so I wanted to start acquiring parts for an e-skate build!

First off - my goal for this board is to make it to and from work a few times a week. It is ~8mi/13km ROUND TRIP and basically flat (live on the SE USA coast). I would like to make it there in ~20 minutes or less, so should be doable, even at 10mph! I am not opposed to going faster, but I think I might limit myself to a 18mph build for my own safety.

edit: WEIGHT: 180lbs/82kg Price: +/- $350 - I am around 215 or so without a VESC and charger. The other peripheries (such as cables) I wont count towards the goal, only major components!

As I have my own board and trucks, I was trying to see if I could go inexpensive on some of the ‘easily upgradable parts’ and get good quality OTHER parts. The inexpensive parts would be the remote, mount, trucks (own them) and wheels. Depending the set up I would prefer a simple ESC or VESC for my first go around, but maybe that isn’t ideal?

Choosing the parts:

Board: It is a Sector 9 complete deck kind of like This

Trucks: The ones that come with said deck - If I upgrade I plan on getting caliber II and getting a matching mount.

Wheels: 83mm knock off flywheels (inexpensive and easy to upgrade!)

Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5064-236kv - Went with this as the mount may only be able to handle 50mm. Plus I hear that the lower the kv the more torque it has, but ‘less speed?’ - I don’t need much torque being on flat ground.

Mount: Turnigy Mount - Easily upgraded with trucks if I like the building process. Cheap and easy! I can wait on these for a few months as other parts come in.

Pulley System: Went with ABEC System - Figured this can be reused in the future so I went with a ‘nicer’ set up vs ebay stuff.

Controller: GT2B - Fan favorite for reliability, won’t change whats not broke!

Here is the part where I do not know or have many questions about…

ESC VS VESC: Not sure what I may need for my setup. I am not exactly electrically gifted, this is all pretty new to me and still confuses me just reading. I may learn more through doing, but frying a VESC doesn’t sound like a fun way to learn. initially thinking about this VESC as it is inexpensive

Batteries: (2) Zippy 5000mAh 3s wired in series to make a 6s. Not sure how that helps my range? Would I need more mAh like (2) 8000mAh 3s zippy?

Misc: Charger? Extra Cables? On off switch? These are things I rarely see in build threads as everyone thinks they are ‘simple’ and gloss over, but I have no knowledge on how to integrate a charging port on a board (would like to just stop at work and plug in to charge, not disassemble!)

I intend on slowly buying these things over the period of the next few months, but want to get a part list ready and will order as I am able. How do these look? Should I go with a cheaper ESC or upgrade to a VESC?

EDIT: Updated part list

Board: It is a Sector 9 complete deck kind of like This

Trucks: The ones that come with said deck - If I upgrade I plan on getting caliber II and getting a matching mount.

Wheels: 83mm knock off flywheels (inexpensive and easy to upgrade!)

Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190kv should keep me going…

Mount: Turnigy Mount - Easily upgraded with trucks if I like the building process. Cheap and easy! I can wait on these for a few months as other parts come in.


Korryh’s mount

Pulley System: Tentative on ABEC System - investigating other members systems - Figured this can be reused in the future so I went with a ‘nicer’ set up vs ebay stuff.

Controller: GT2B - Fan favorite for reliability, won’t change whats not broke!

Battery: Zippy 8000mAh 3s 30c

ESC VS VESC: Recommended Axle VESC - pending availability to order

Investigating this VESC (DIYE), just looks much different from others

Charger: imax

I know folks knock “need advice” threads, but i see a lot of thought and referencing other builds. Good job for reading and learning before asking the obvious questions repetitively.

You mentioned being on flat ground, but not your weight. Good info to know when making suggestions - hills/flat, how heavy rider, and budget!

We are really good at helping you spend your $!

I think a single 50mm will work fine - you should know your speeds though:

18mph is pretty fast, especially as you learn. And if you increase voltage later (to be like the “cool kids” running 10/12s) it will be crazy fast. Instead i’d suggest a lower kv to start around 200kv or less. Able to move you plenty fast for a beginner on 6s = ~14mph, and later on 10s = 24mph. (or add a 3rd battery for 9s = 21/22mph).

Range - Search for 10Wh = 1km, here’s a good thread:

And some specifics to get familiar with:

Charger - iMax B6ACv2 (simplest vs ac->dc power supply needed). Also like the Accucel 6 but need power supply (but does 10A vs 5/6)

Wires - superworm/superflex silicone flex wire 12/10awg.

On/Off switch - not needed, especially on 6s. Higher voltate (8s/10s/12s) it’s nice. Anti-spark loop key is easy/cheap (if you have soldering iron/station and some time to practice soldering):

If you want a charging port - you likely will want to research BMS’ssss. You can run output through BMS (need bigger BMS and more $), or bypass for discharge and only use for charge.

Start reading here:

Welcome and GL!

Thanks for the reply! Just to answer a few of those questions really quick - Budget is probably around $350 but it isn’t like a hard cap. Really with a $100 VESC and a charger I will be right around there. I also weight 180lbs/82kg.

I definitely try to read up on things. Initially I was looking at other recommended motors such as a Turnigy 63mm at 193kv, but I felt all that torque would be wasted on me. Also, the mount was for 50mm (I think - according to another thread) and I am trying for a relatively inexpensive build.

If I were to go with the 193v at 63mm, I would probably change up the mount for something from ebay and just sacrifice on that. I have that build already configured as well on google docs, but I didn’t think it would be as Ideal as what I have listed. I think it ends up being around the same price as the mount on ebay comes with cheaper pulleys (thanks china) and quality control might be amiss.

Also looking at that BMS thread, I will probably shy away from that for now as well. It seems like an expenditure I won’t want to take on. I can look at taking off batteries and charging at work, just a minor inconvenience!!

Also read up on the XT90s (has to be the 90s wire right? read that the 90 doesn’t have anti spark) - I will probably go that route. Typically does that go inside the “box” with other components or is there a pull tab on the outside of the containment box?

And oo! what a great equation to have for distance! Thanks for that thread, will be great reading tonight. Just changed up the battery to a 5000mAh 25c. So for that… Looks like each battery is 11.1v*5Ah = 55 Wh so 5.5km each (or 3.5m each). Damn. will be shy of the 8 miles necessary… Looks like a zippy 8000mAh 30c 3s1p is my best bet (should get me ~17 km or 10 miles!)

Thanks for the charger recommendation - I had that one on my spreadsheet as I had seen it mentioned, but sometimes you just don’t know what is best! Does the that charger only do 6s? I suppose one battery is only 3s so it should handle one fine, even if I upgrade to a 4S battery (8s setup). Or are you saying 6amp (so speed of charge is quick)

Where do you typically stock your wire from? Local part stores or from amazon/ebay? I know I will end up needed tiny bits of wire or connectors here and there and if it is typical to just run to the store, then that makes a lot of sense.

Also - is that VESC alright? I tried to read the VESC thread but i felt without having one / programming one in front of me the information just goes in one eye and out the other.

To add to this all - I have access to a laser cutter and am thinking about fabricating my own risers for my trucks. Is wood a suitable material or should I mesh that with a cork to make it soft?

Thanks again for any/all advice!

To be fair - i’ve not tried or heard anything on the turnigy mount. BUT what i have seen are inexpensive mounts that folks try and hate and have issues with. This is a critical mechanical component and if you are on a budget, i’d suggest @korryh’s mount for a solid-yet-inexpensive option. As good as other vendors and significantly less. Plus able to run 63mm motors which i would suggest at 180 el bees for best long-term rideability!

Torque would be wasted on me? HA - you say that now. You will always want torque… maybe not top speed, but ability to go up whatever you want and some acceleration when needed too. I gear as low as i can - usually 14/40 or so, with 190kv motors, but i’m also close to 90lbs heavier than you. Having it doesn’t mean you’ll need to use it, but not having it… sucks when you do.

I’ve riden 50mm setups - one single and one dual. Both moved me along surprisingly well even on some steeper hills i didn’t expect to make it up. (marbel i had was 1 50mm and 7s iirc).

I agree if on a budget - skip the BMS. Skip 18650. Stick to simple RC Charger, Lipo (best power density, power/weight, etc.), simple or no anti-spark (loop key is simple - anti-spark is a given if making one anyway), and solid ESC and mount. You’ll keep those even if you swap batteries, add BMS, want more range, go dual motors, etc…

For a single setup i’d stick to 15mm and 6374. Save some $ on a quality but inexpensive mount, Axle VESC (love chaka’s but bit spendy), and get some 15mm gears from one of the folks here.

Get batteries from HK direct. Get a legit B6ACv2 vs clone, or if you have spare PC or laptop power kicking around - go with the Accucel 6. A requirement i like to keep is some sort of internal resistance testing in the charger. Great to note when new, and later check to see pack health. Both recommended have it.

On your batteries - it’s the total voltage - so your two 3s in series for 6s would be 24.6v (at full 4.2v not 3.7v nominal). So not 55Wh, but actually 24.6v * 5Ah = 123Wh = 12.3km/7.6mi. I do like those Zippy 8Ah 30c packs though! 196.8Wh = 19.6km / 12mi! (caveat - riding hard - hills - heavy rider - and going fast all will suck down a battery quickly - range estimates are on the flats and ideal conditions).

I get my wire on Amazon usually. wet noodle i think was another good one.

VESC is f’ing amazing. Seriously just wait for the new VESC Tool to support the older 4.xx hardware. I have two VESC Six (newest version in beta now), and love the Tool for configuring old 4.xx VESCs. Have 3 old 4.7 now configured w/ new tool and so much simpler!!! Vs. an ubuntu laptop dedicated just to updates/config/firmwares. I’m a linux noob…

I would not use wood or cork - go with a cheap set of the softer riser pads - the better they absorb shock - the better your ride will be and less numb feet on longer rides. Appreciate wanting to DIY, but save yourself cracking wood/failure and vibrations if you can.

Where are you located? Maybe someone local can meetup and help?


Ahh ok, so no matter the battery type, it is 4.2v per 1s. And since you are in series you don’t double your 5Ah to 10Ah. Like I said, electrical equations really don’t make sense to me… But to be safe I will upgrade to the 8000mAh 30c batteries. They have 5800 that would technically do the job, but why bother when for $5 more you get a much longer lasting battery!

Alright, guess I will spend a bit more for a 63mm motor - this build looks like it will be delayed another month due to more spending! (oh well!).

I will have to read up on VESC’s more this weekend. The whole 4.12 vs 6 vs FOCBOX really spins my head around… Thanks for all the advice though! I will see when Axle is selling again and try to jump in the moment they are!

Otherwise I will slowly acquire the necessary wheels, spacers, mount, etc over the next month or two and keep on watching build videos… One day it will all make sense.

Updating the list above for anyone wanting to see - still pending a new mount!


Ok, I have two eboards that I built from scratch and so far the best mounts that I personally know that work from experience if using (Caliber II 50* trucks) are from these suppliers:

Also, my builds are single and I weigh 194lbs. and i’m using a single 6374 motor on both builds and i’ve hit 18mph on both my boards. One board has (3) Zippy Flightmax 3s 5000mah lipo batteries and my other board has a (18650) 10s2p 36v. Just to let you know that with my weight, one 6374 motor works very good. The vesc that i’m using in one board is a Maytech Vesc that I purchased from and it works good, the other vesc I bought from ebay last Dec. thats the one on my first build. You can check out my builds video hear: Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tips!!

What is your typical range on those three batteries? Are those all in series to get you to 9s??

Yes, all in series, i havent ridden till the batteries gone dead but i did put 10 miles and still had 27% battery left so not really sure of full range.

Huh interesting. Why didn’t you go with two 8000 vs threee 5000? Seems like the same ish cost wise.

at the time i didnt know much about eboards and i was building just one for my son, my friend in cali. walked me through alot of the building and he said two 5000’s were good since it was for my son. But, once i rode it, i had to build one for me, so now i had bought two more 5000’s for my board. Then, one of my sons lipo started going bad (puffed up lipo, very dangerous) so i bought a 10s2p battery, put that one for my sons board and i added his leftover 5000 lipo to my board & thats how i ended up with (3) lipos on my board. Did you watch the video link i sent you?

I just did - what VESC did you use on the joker?

And makes sense that you just hooked up the other 5ah battery! Waste not.

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The joker has a no name brand vesc 4.12 guy on ebay had 10 for sale back in january and he sold them real quick for $75 and mine (dark knight) has a maytech that i got from

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Hi! I´m very interested in your build! plz upload photos or make a video! :smiley: it would be awesome to see you building this! if look and work great i think im going to star my first build to… i´m in the phase of Reading and learning about the parts!

Good luck! and very helpful your topic too

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