First Build. Need help deciding everything!


I have built a few regular longboard before but I want to try to built an E-board. I have been doing alot of research but am still confused by some of the electronics. Hoping for a board that has a 10 mile range with a top speed around 22mph. Here is what I am thinking for components so far:

Board: A custom board from ebay

wheels: Orangatang Kegel 80mm 80a I want the purple 83a more but they seem to be hard to find. Controller: I want to eventually build a wii nunchuck but in the mean time I got one from another user - Motor: where I need some help. I would like a single motor with a little more power so I was thinking of getting a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6364 213kv or 245kv. Let me know if this is a stupid idea. ESC: I am probably going to get a VESC but does it matter where I get it from? Enertion? Carvon? Battery: This is probably where I need the most help deciding. I don’t think I have the ability to make my own battery packs. It seems like alot of people have two 6S batteries. Is there a reason people don’t just buy a single 12C battery. Also if I buy two batteries do I need to get two of anything else to go with each battery. For 6S batteries I was looking at the Zippy 5000mah 30C but is the 30C too much because there is 20C and 50C. Mounting: was planning on getting 12:36 ratio with 5mm pitch but I don’t know what the best belt width would be (9mm, 12mm, or 15mm) I don’t like the idea of welding the motor mount to the truck so I was looking into 3d printed mounts for the Caliber II’s or having one machined. does the enertion mount work with a turnigy motor? Trucks: Caliber II

Thank you for helping me! Sorry if I am clueless!

  1. Purple Kegels aren’t that hard to find… But the purple ones aren’t as good.
  2. Don’t mess with the nunchuck, trust me, I had one, and it’s no good, these 2.4ghz remotes are much better.
  3. Motor - go with the 245kv if you are using 6s.
  4. VESC is fine but if you are going 6S you can always use a Car ESC, which is what I’d recommend.
  5. That battery is fine.
  6. Uhh, 12:36?? Noooo… I’d recommend 16. On my 6S setup, I use a 20:36. With 12, the belt will skip ALOT and you will have no speed practically.
  7. The Enertion motor mount is actually pretty good, so I’d go with that, it will work fine with the SK3.

Here is the calculated speed with what you recommended: 13.59mph with the 245kv motor 11.82mph with the 213kv motor.

With what I recommended: 18.12mph with the 245kv motor and the 16:36 gear ratio. But 6S with an 80mm wheel setup won’t get you very fast. The fastest 6S setup is with a 20:36 ratio, which is not reccomended by many.

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That’s too bad about the nunchuck.

Would this ESC be good for 6S?

Does the 30C rating for the 6S battery matter much? also if I go with two 6S batteries in series do I need to get two of anything else to go with each battery?

Thanks for the tip about the gear ratio. I will definitely go with your suggestion.

That’s pretty expensive, I used an X-Car hobbyking esc. Very inexpensive

Good choice - like Michaeld33 said - i would go with the softer orange vs purple (80a vs 83a duro). Softer will help with bumps and rough roads better. Larger wheels also help, but those are a great wheel.

I’ve seen far too many signal loss issues to recommend anything except the GT2b. Yes it’s a bit bulky, but for $25-30 it’s a rock solid steal. Then pay to get a new enclosure printed, or print one if you can for really cheap. A few hours if you go super slow max to swap into the smaller pocketable enclosure you get printed. (badwolf (a bit thin walled and flimsy so don’t recommend any longer), mad munkey, baby buffalo (thumb throttle), master cho - pick one)

The best IMO are @Chaka’s. A bit more $ though. If on a super budget i might try the new vendor who’s running a “pre-order” special. @torqueboards has always been solid for me too, but i don’t think there is any warranty on them unless purchased additionally.

For a moderate setup (10s or less) and BLDC (not FOC), with lower kv motor so you avoid the 60k ERPM trouble zone (more than this looks to kill DRV chips - why we’ve usually said no 200kv or higher on 12s), just about any of the current crop of VESCs i think will work for you. If you are pushing the limits, you might want @Chaka’s with additional cooling and some updated caps at select locations.

Batteries will usually depend on your board and both wheelbase room to install them, and ground clearance (flex of the deck or ride height). I prefer smaller batteries in series for flexibility vs one big honking battery - usually cheaper, smaller, and cheaper! So flexibility wise i can run 2x 3s for 6s, or 3 x 3s for 9s, or 4 x 3s for 12s. Or give it to a friend to try and take a few out for 6s (lower speed and less “punch” power). Not quite “modes” like production boards (Boosted, Evolve, Marbel, etc.), but better than handing a 12s super powerful board too a noobie and watching them crash or hurt themselves.

I target a capacity and C rating that “claims” (i don’t really believe their marketing) about 100 amps continuous discharge capacity. So a 5000mAh 20c or better (20c * 5Ah = 100a). I wouldn’t look at the 65c batteries unless they were just the smallest size and density you wanted an the c was bonus.

12t on the motor - don’t do it on 9mm. You might be able to do it on 12mm wide belt, but 9mm will skip. 15mm also would work i think. I would not go below 12 and prefer 15mm for a single setup. But i’m a heavy guy and skipping can be an issue.

motor mounts - DIYes, Enertion - both good mounts and solid IMO. There are also quite a few others if you want to save a few $. Just keep an eye on the motor pulley and wheel pulley costs to compare w/ a full kit that has both pulleys and a belt designed to fit. usually it’s cheaper to get the kit than parts.

I would also look out for wheel bite on a top mount deck w/ that shape. Shouldn’t be too hard, especially since you are only running 80mm kegels.

wheel gears and kegels - i think only @torqueboards has 12mm wide kegel pulleys. You should confirm and look elsewhere too, or look at 3d printed options. Less durable, but work pretty well it seems (with a good print of a good file).


Micaels calculations were not exactly correct. I would go with the 213 and depending on your weight 12-16 on the motor pulley. has good options for that. Also if you would like a calculator that takes the guess work out of battery kv and gear ratio try Rc Calc on Android app store. You can see what speed and gear ratio plus battery voltage and wheel size will do. If you want to go 22 I would aim for 30 or more that way you are not sluggish

Sorry man, but I’m pretty sure my calculations are correct, I plugged them right into the same calculator everyone else on the forum uses, MADE for calculating the speed (including weighted speed) of electric skateboards. It’s possible I inputted a number wrong, but the calculations were fine. You’d be getting a max speed of 15mph with a 213kv motor and a 16:36 gear ratio. So that’s wayy off. If it was unweighted, it COULD hit 20, but you’re not accounting for the efficiency of the motor when you’re standing on the board. (around 70-90%)

Please don’t say I’m wrong unless you’re positive you’re right.

Motor kv times battery voltage gives motor rpm. 213 with 6s (25.2volts) = motor will spin 5367.6 rotations per minute Now divide that by your gear ratio. 12 goes into 36, motor turns 3 times and wheel turns once. 5367.6/3= 1789.2 This is how many times the wheel will spin in one minute. Now how much distance will the wheel cover in one rotation? 83mm wheel, divide by 2 to get radius= 41.5mm Times pie by 2 them by radius for circumference of wheel. 10.265748 inches X 1789.2 rotations =18,367.4763216 inches a minute X 60 mins 1,102,048.579296 inches Divide 12 for feet 91,837.381608 Divide mile 5280 17.3934434864 mph So just plug numbers into this calc if you want specifics

I guess at 70 percent that would be 12.17 mph. On the low side

That is making calc when the battery is ran out. 3.7 per cell and I did 4.2

3.7volts is nominal voltage and will provide an accurate average ride speed. You don’t need to defend your calculations, they’re fine, but you have to take into account a couple things.

I never said he would do 20mph with his current setup. My recommendation is that he should stay with a low kv motor for torque and depending on weight he should use a higher battery voltage than 6s. He should also run around a 12-16 teeth pulley depending on weight. I don’t see anyone encouraging anything in the mid 200 kv motors anymore. Especially if he wants to run vesc. That’s all I am saying

But that’s because most people don’t RUN 6s with the VESC, trust me, I had a very similar setup to this on my first board, with a 149kv motor and a 16tooth pulley, and it was MISERABLE! If he want’s to do 15mph, then that’s fine, but it’s not that fun IMO. I run a 6S 245KV on my board with a 20tooth pulley, that gets me to just about 30 mph easily. The reason it’s not often heard about is because not many people who go 6S either know much yet, or don’t want any speed, or want it for the simplicity. >= 200KV isn’t recommended for a 10-12S setup on the VESC because you will hit the ERPM limit, not because of them not being good. If you are willing to sacrifice ~5-7mph for torque, that’s fine, but you will not have many occasions where you need that much torque. I have only ever found one hill I can’t climb, and my setup uses an ~6355 size motor with a 20:36 gear ratio. AND I get really good speeds.

Also when he mention single 12c battery I’m pretty sure he meant 12s. So if he wants to run high volts on a vesc there’s the erpm limit. So definitely get the 213 kv if that’s the choices. :slight_smile:

The name’s Axel. James Axel. :joy:

Anyway’s we’ve closed pre-orders as of now. If you’re still interested you can check us out at (extended until 9/23)

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You’re also forgetting there must be a reason he us saying 12t pulley. We need to hear back on his weight before you make any further recommendations. 20t you must be very light.

You will still hit the ERPM limit, and if you go with a 12T pulley, you will DIE! The belt will skip and it won’t work well. AND you will still hit the ERPM.

That’s a nice way to put it

I used to have a belt that skipped. Couldn’t break in time, almost flew right into traffic. Thankfully I was able to save myself.