First Build. Need help deciding everything!

The name’s Axel. James Axel. :joy:

Anyway’s we’ve closed pre-orders as of now. If you’re still interested you can check us out at (extended until 9/23)

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You’re also forgetting there must be a reason he us saying 12t pulley. We need to hear back on his weight before you make any further recommendations. 20t you must be very light.

You will still hit the ERPM limit, and if you go with a 12T pulley, you will DIE! The belt will skip and it won’t work well. AND you will still hit the ERPM.

That’s a nice way to put it

I used to have a belt that skipped. Couldn’t break in time, almost flew right into traffic. Thankfully I was able to save myself.

Lol you wont die. I run 13t. Have to tighten well cuz does slip very little when it’s warm. Heres a good read about erpm. It has its limits and wiggle room. You will however be dissapointed with 245kv on vesc.

I would try looking for something like 190 KV or 200KV.

I am very light. But I’m not the only one riding with 20T, there are other people on this forum who ride with it. I was actually given the pulley for a setup from a friend of mine. I have never heard of 12T pulley being used, if the weight of OP is really important, than a bigger motor would be more important, OP could use a 149kv motor, with MUCH more copper in it, run it with a 16 or 18 tooth pulley and still have all the torque OP needs.

Exacly. Reason is setting in here.

I mean I almost did, the belt skipping isn’t necessarily a problem except for the fact that it will destroy your belt, it’s not being able to break.

We are not looking for extremes. We are looking for what is “optimal” :slight_smile:

It will be funny when the op shows up and corrects us all hahahaha

I don’t understand what you mean… In general, for anyone, I would recommend a board with a 190kv motor, a 10S battery, and a 16:36 gear ratio. For those that like 6s, I recommend a 245KV motor, 16(or 18):36, and 90+mm wheels.

He is saying 12s though…read it two 6s or one 12c…I think he means 12s

Didn’t mean to start a holy war. I did mean 12S.

I think I am going to go with a 213kv motor, 10S battery and 16:36 gear ratio. That seems to make the most sense.

I know, I’m just saying that I don’t usually recommend “extremes”

Ehh well… Shot down… That setup sounds great! Should get you around 26-30mph

Thank you for all your help!

I’ll try to remember to post pictures of the completed build here

Are you going to turn this into a build thread? If so you should update the title to be the proper format.