First build! | New to esk8 | Parts check

Hi all,

Been digging around these forums for a little over a month. Ready to pull the trigger and order parts. Wanted to get confirmation on everything before I order. Any recommendations are welcome.

Deck: 35in downhill maple deck from skateshred

Trucks/mounts/pulleys: torqueboards dual drive kit

Wheels: either 97mm or 110mm with TB kit ^

Motors: x2 turnigy sk3 6374 192kv

Battery: x2 turnigy nanotech 5000mah 5s 35-70c

Will make 10s battery ^

Charger: imax b6 charger

Esc: dickyho dual esc

Enclosure: plastic parts box or sandwich box

I weigh around 175lbs. Hoping for at least 10miles distance. More would be nice. Not looking to spend too much. Will this set up work? Also not sure which way to mount, inward or outward? Let me know if I’m forgetting anything. Thank you for taking a look!

You need to post this in the other forum, alot of people have moved to - https://forum./

Oh man I didn’t know there is a new forum. Thanks for the heads up!

For those who still use this forum and see this. Please comment! I will be posting the same on the newer forum.

If you want to get something more from those 6374’s you are really limiting yourself by the cheap (I asuume) Ling yi or hobbywing ESC. Most of those ESC’s handle only 20-30A which is not a lot for 2x 6374 motors. Consider a VESC.