First build on a budget - single motor mountainboard

Hello everyone.I am new on this forum and this is my first post.I have bought recently used mountainboard and I want to convert it to electric. I have done some research but I still have some questions

So as I said in the title i am low on budget.I want to build 10/12s single motor mountainboard to drive to school or just go on small trips at max 50km/h within 300/400 dollars budget.I would like to build a dual motor setup,but that would be to expensive for now so one motor and one vesc now and later in the future I would buy the same parts to make it dual.

So my initial parts list is:

Battery-I will try to make my own 10/12s 4p li-ion battery pack using Sony 18650 VTC5A 30A which will cost something about 125 dollars for cells only.My question is which Bms should i use and what dimensions of nickel strips should I consider for the cells to not overheat.

Vesc-Ok so here I have a lot of questions.Because of costs I am considering 4.12 vescs only.For now I am thinking whether I should chose Maytech or Torque vesc.Maytech is cheaper but other one i probably better quality.Which one would be good?And I just want to say that in the future I would probably buy Flipsky Dual Vesc6 to convert in to dual. Another question is will they work in 12s? I read on this forum that 4.12 vescs sweet point is 10s but I really want to have higher power and all the advantages of 12s.So will the vesc work well in that configuration?

Motor-At first I want to mention that I want my board to be at least rainproof.So I was searching for waterproof motor like .Later I thought that I can buy normal motor like or something from HobbyKing and 3D print some kind of enclosure that will protect the motor.However that might cause overheating.I can alway add fans to the cover or some air vents that would block the rain but let cold air inside but i might overthink that. Also I don’t know for which to search 10s or 12s motor because of vesc.I don’t want the motor to pull to much amps because 4.12 vesc can do constant 30A and that would be waste of money to buy very powerful motor.I want the motor to have high torque since the wheels are 8 inch in diameter and the motor will work in single configuration for some time. Because of that I also consider this interesting motor .It looks like it is rock and dirt proof and also have very low KV rating which is good because I could use smaller pulley on wheel.

Rest of the parts like Remote,Pulleys motor mountings I will try to make myself or buy somewhere.

So what do you think? Should I go 10s or 12s?Should I buy vesc and motor from Maytech or from Torque Boards or go with this low KV orange motor(I feel strange attraction to this one).

Thank you in advance for your answers, it will help me a lot.

Your budget seems a bit unreasonable for how fast you’re wanting to go… A good quality diy build will run you easily over $500…

Flipsky is notorious for horrible qc and if you want power, 4.12 vescs are going to blow. If you’re only looking to spend 3-4 hundy, look into getting a used meepo or backfire. Usually a proper emtb battery can run around $600

Ok you are right the speed I mentioned for that price might be to high,but to be honest I would be happy If the board could do 35/40 km/h. I weigh 70kg so I think that speed might be achievable.Also I don’t want this board to be super high quality.This is going to be my first build and I want to learn from that. Only part that I want to be high quality right now is motor,so I could use it in future builds.

K so as far as mounts, you need to have trucks that have available mounts for sale. Uness you plan on welding them on, mounts can be tricky if not made for that truck. The length of the mount also matters. You dont want something that will cause your tires to rub against the pulley.

The wheels definitely matter as well. You need to make sure the hubs have a matching drive pulley available. Picking the number of teeth will help determine your top end speed versus torque. You also need to be sure the wheel and pulley fit the current truck. Your gear ratio is VERY important.

My guess is your going top mount so clearance shouldnt be an issue. Either way, it can get expensive fast. I always suggest buying used your first time. You can get quality parts for much cheaperJust make sure you buy with paypal protection.

And stay away from mboards and diyeboard!!!

Thanks for all the advices,but I just want to know if the Vesc 4.12 will work with 12S battery and what is the best brand to buy it from.I also want to know which of the motors I mentioned will work good with vesc.

Ive heard mixed reviews. Some say it works while others have several that have fried. Best to go with a focbox or equivalent for 12s. I dont use 4.12 vescs myself. All those motors you mentioned are compatible. The motors are the least id your worries if you want a waterproof board

Honestly you need to do a lot more reading before you buy anything. Im out, good luck!

DM me, I’m a master budget builder (6 boards so far) I have lots of suggestions.