First build: orangatang kegel | caliber | custom deck | VESC | Turnigy 6364 190kv | Zippy Flightmax 5000mah 3s1p 20c

So this is my first build, I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to esk8 boards - I have done my research so I have a rough idea. I wanted to use good parts as I want it to last and I feel there is no point in buying cheap components as I will only end up upgrading in the future. I aim to have a top speed of 35km/h (21.7mph) I have based it on the Boosted Board look as I want it to look sleek. I plan on splitting my components on each side of the deck (Battery on front side and VESC on the rear with the motor) I will use Braided copper flats which will run underneath the grip tape to connect the battery to the VESC - I will come onto this later.

PARTS LIST WHEELS: Orangatang Kegel 80mm wheels

BEARINGS: Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings

TRUCKS: Caliber li fifty 10"/50 degrees Blackout trucks - note, I wasn’t sure about these trucks as they seem very long if anybody has any other ideas please do tell me.

DECK: I plan on building my own deck as it would be cheaper it will be the design of the Loaded Vanguard deck (boosted board deck) I will come into this later.

ESC: I plan on using the VESC-standard from Enertion as I feel I can trust them -if anybody has a cheaper but reliable VESC option please tell me.

MOTOR: Turnigy SK3 - 6364 - 190Kv from HobbyKing.

MOTOR MOUNT: I plan on making my own motor mount as it will be cheaper than buying one - I will come onto this later.

BATTERY: Zippy Flightmax 5000Mah 3s1p 20c x2

CONTROLLER: Enertion Nano-X 2.4Ghz controller

So coming onto the deck, I was thinking of making it out of Birch as it I read it is flexy - but how flexy? Or I could just layer plywood and then cut it with a jigsaw. I plan on giving the deck a slight bend upwards as it will allow some bounce whilst riding - not so much of a bend as I won’t be able to fit my components flush to the deck. As I mentioned before I plan on splitting the components and then running copper braided flats in between the deck and the grip tape - is this a good idea? The deck will be 38" in length

The motor mount, I plan on making one as I said before out of 6mm thick aluminium, it is easy to cut and cheap I will drill slots so I can adjust the tension of the belt to its prime.

I don’t know much about the drive train, I have read threads for some insight but I feel I still don’t know, anybody know what gearing ratio I should use? That is why I haven’t mentioned it above in the parts list. I think I have a rough idea of what gear system to use I read that the ideal pitch to use should be 5mm for more torque and 36 tooth drive pulley and 15 tooth motor pulley. Which comes onto my next query…

I used the Electric Skateboard Calculator and put in my values it said my top speed would be 16.47mph, without me on! Does anybody have any idea on how I could increase my top speed to 21mph (35km/h) I thought about adding another of the same battery above which would take the top speed to 24.70 mph / 39.75 kph which would be fantastic - but would there be annother way of getting to my desired top speed without adding annother battery?

So these are my questions: Should I stick with the VESC from Enertion or is there a cheaper better option?

Is my choice of battery good?

Is birch a good choice of wood or shall I use plywood?

Is using copper braided flats a good idea?

Is 36:15 Tooth pulleys a good gearing system?

How do I increase my top speed without getting another battery?

Ant insight onto these especially with the speed situation would help greatly. If anybody has any other recommendations on parts feel free to tell me, thank you.

Yes, you’d have to increase your Motor Kv to about 250-260 to get up to 21mph.

190 will get you better starting torque from what I understand but I would look at this as whats going to be more cost effective of a solution. Adding another battery is 22 bucks vs getting a new motor which would be an additional 62 dollars if you’re getting these from hobbyking.

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Okay thanks for the help

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Batteries are the main way to increase top speed here, if you went from the 6s setup to 2x 4S batts or 2x 5S batts then your speed jumps dramatically.

Regardless of what you do with the wiring on the deck (i’d recess the top of the deck so when you add the cables it’s flush) take a look at this website because you can get decks pretty inexpensively and then you get something you truly love as apposed to something that is ok.