First build | Parts checklist (Europe)

Hey guys! My name is Emiel Huyghe and I’m a 19 year old engineering student from Belgium. Some time ago I got interested in electric skateboards and after a friend of mine got an Evolve Bamboo, I decided to build an e-board myself. I’ve put together a (more or less complete - I guess :wink:) list of parts and where to buy them. Before I start buying everything though, I’d like to share these with you guys to hear your toughts!

The goal is to build a good, reliable e-board (lookalike of the boosted board, because I love the aesthetics), single drive with li-ion battery for safety/ease, relative high speed (35 kph or 22 mph) and a with decent range (around 30 km or 19 miles). I weigh around 75kg or 165 lbs. I do want to note that I’d like to build this board in the upcoming weeks, since school starts again the 26th of september and I’d like to use it as a mode of transportation at uni.

First of all, the board itself: I’m going the full DIY-route, so I’ve already got wood sheets and glue. For the other parts of the board, this is what I had in mind:

  • Caliber Fifty 10" trucks (Blackout) from - €54
  • Orangatang Kegel 80mm 80a Orange from - €69
  • Misc. (Griptape, riser pads, hardware) - €20

Then for the motor mount on these Caliber trucks:

For the electronics and the motor, I’m having some doubts regarding prices, small differences in specs and/or delivering times (when not from EU).

Possible motors:

  • Turingy Aerodrive SK3 6374 192kv (2.75KW) from HobbyKing (EU Warehouse) - €78 but currently in backorder
  • Motor 6374 170kv (3.0KW) Sensored from - €109 (I do like the fact that this one is sensored for a smoother start in Hybrid mode on the VESC, but it’s a bit pricier)
  • Any suggestions?

Transmitter and receiver:

  • Winning 2.4GHz Nano Remote - €33 before shipping (so probably +€10). I already ordered this one in a group buy, thanks to @ajaynagra.

ESC: Definitely going for the VESC here, but not sure where to get it:

  • VESC - made in Germany by - €169 (pricy, but closeby for possible malfunctions)
  • VESC by Faraday Motion - €135 (new Danish company, anyone with experience from this seller?)
  • VESC by Enertion - €133 (in total after shipping, taxes and import duties). Best price but I do worry about how long it would take to get to Belgium (not available yet from the new Belgian distributor).

Battery: Still considering multiple options, but expecting a cost around €350

  • I’m trying to contact a local battery supplier to build me a custom pack, but I still have to get word back from them.
  • Space Cell, since Enertion has a Belgian distributor now (so no more import duties). I do have to inform about the current availability of these batteries in Belgium, which I will do tomorrow (Monday 5th of september). Another thing is that the description says that the Space Cell is meant for motors of 2400W or less. Is this a problem with the current options of motors (higher wattage) or does this just mean that I won’t be able to use the full potential of those motors?
  • Li-Ion Akku LG HE2: 10s3P 37 Volt (42V) 7.500mAh by Since this is only the battery, I would still need an antispark switch, a battery level display, charger etc.
  • Building a battery myself, but I’m afraid this will take lots of time and I don’t know if I’m up for that…

Miscellaneous electronics: Depending on choices of other components, maybe another €30 or so.

  • Wires
  • Connectors (XT60’s, bullet connectors, etc.)
  • etc.

Okay, that’s all that I have at the moment. Are there things I forgot? Are there options I haven’t considered? Please give my all your toughts on my newborn project and I’m looking forward to keeping you posted on this (potentially) awesome build! Thanks in advance!


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Good luck Emiel, ever considered making your own motor mounts?

Not really, but I guess it is doable and that would save me some decent money. I would still have to get my gears, belts, etc. I do have a 3D printer (for printing the gears) but no experience with printing in ABS whatsoever (only PLA but that isn’t as heat resistant). I’m going to look into it, thanks for the tip @ajaynagra!

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Controllers are coming on Tuesday


Great! Will probably be my first part :wink:

I may have missed it, but what about pulleys?

Comes with the motor mount

Isn’t clearly mentioned in my post, but the motor mount is complete with belts, pulleys, bolts, etc.