First build, parts feedback

Hey guys. I have been reading a lot about E-Skateboards lately and I want to start building my own soon. I will have to go up and down a pretty steep hill right next to my home, but I’m pretty light (70kg). I’m a electrical engineering student from Germany and I’m on a budget (<500€).

Here are the parts I want to use, I would love to hear your feedback about them / tips which ones to buy when I left out a specific model.

-Motor mount: Aluminum, self-made on a CNC milling machine (from my university) using this 3D-model: -Trucks: caliber ll trucks -Motor: Turnigy SK3 6374 190KV (going for a larger motor instead of an Alienpowersystems 5055 motor is better for hills right?) -ESC: VESC -Battery: Lipo 6s future upgrade to 10s -Wheels: 70mm (I know they are really small, but I have them already (cut costs) and extra torque for the hill is a plus) -Remote: Maytech MTSKR1712 (may upgrade to a self-made Bluetooth one using a microcontroller)

Do I need a BMS if I use a VESC for safety reasons? Because I can set a safe current limit in the VESC to prevent anything from blowing up and I will charge using a balance charger.

You don’t need a BMS but its recommended because it makes your life so much easier. Also what VESC are you planning on getting? The focbox is on sale might wanna take a look at it.

Thanks, that seems like a great deal! I was thinking about soldering the VESC on my own for fun/to learn something but I don’t know if that will be possible, have you heard of somebody building one successfully?

So the BMS fill only make charging way easier? I think that’s something I can easily upgrade later on.

I answered that in your 2nd post :slight_smile:

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The 70mm wheels are suicide unless you plan on using rear drive or a huge risers…motor will be too close to the ground…

Yeah even 97mm Blank clones are pretty good. Get those for $30 from ebay if you want to cut costs…

He’s in Europe so shipping will be pricey

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I would get 5s then upgrade 10s or get 6s then upgrade 12s because only have to buy one battery later on. The wheels are fine if you can mount it vertically depending on your board. Recommend anti- spark plugs with this and good to go!

Honestly may want 10s or 12s if there is a steep hill…

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5s is too weak, don ot even try it, also VESC would not work on 5s…6s should be ok, if you buy 3x2s battery, you can later buy another two and just add them to th pack :slight_smile: But since you are buying VESC and 190kv motor, it would be a waste not to go for 10s directly :slight_smile:


Agree with this guy👆

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Thanks for the advice! I think i will start with an 4x2s build similar to this one: Then I will easily be able to upgrade to 10s if necessary.

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