First Build | Parts List | 32" Deck | Tacon Bigfoot 160 245kv| 12s 5Ah | Turnigy VESC

Hi everyone!

I’ve wanted to build a electric long board for a few years, and now that I’m headed off to college I figured it was time. This is my first build, so if you could check over my parts list to make sure everything is compatible/decent that’d be awesome (prices are shipped). I know there are a TON of first build posts, but I’ve done a bunch of research and just need some feedback before I order. I’ve seen a few first-build horror stories.

I’m trying to spend around $250 to see if I like esk8ing (I already have batteries, a motor, charger, connectors/wire, etc. since my dad was in to RC planes). Since I’ll mainly use this board in college, I wanted it to be small (32" deck). I’ll be running at 12s. I also have a few questions at the end. Thank you!

Motor - Tacon Bigfoot 160 245kv (FREE):

Batteries - 6s 5000mAh (FREE)

ESC - Turnigy SK8-ESC v4.12 ($92):

Deck - 32" x 8" Bamboo Deck ($39):

Trucks - Caliber II 9" 50° ($35):

Wheels - 83mm Flywheels ($24):

Pullies - Not sure what ratio yet, 3D printed

Battery Enclosure - 3D printed or fiberglass

Belts - 2x HTD 5M 10mm x ?mm ($7):

Motor Mount - Turnigy ($9):

Controller - HK-GT2B, will be 3D printing a case ($28):

Extras: key ignition? would be cool, truck tool($3), batt. level indicator($4)

TOTAL: ~$241


  1. Is 32" too short of a board? The wheel base is only 19" and I know they get wobbly at high speeds.

  2. What length belt should I buy so that I can experiment with pulley ratios but will still work with the HK motor mount? 255? 265? etc.

  3. How fast should I gear it for? Considering I’ll be on a college campus and riding through town, should I shoot for around 25 mph (40 km/h) max?

  4. Can I save money anywhere? Other part recommendations are appreciated if there is a better bang-for-buck.

  5. Should I go with 50° or 44° trucks?

Thanks in advance everyone! Love this community. I will definitely document the process and post as I go. Also I have a 3D printer/know how to use CAD so if anyone needs something printed PM me.

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1-you’ll hit erpm limit and ruin your esc. Either get a lower KV motor or go 6s. 2-for HK mount I suggest going with their trucks, just upgrade the bushings to your liking. 3-get bigger wheels, 90/97 from AliExpress fit around 35$. I have a link of you want. 4- go with mini remote, it’s reliable and cheaper. 5-you don’t want to ride 40km/h at your campus with such short deck. Dangerous

  1. Oh yeah I forgot about that. I’m worried about not having enough torque / the higher amperage running through the system. I’ll try 6s out and if I like esk8ing enough I’ll buy a lower kv motor.
  2. Their trucks are out of stock. Will the motor mount not work with calibers?
  3. Bigger wheels = higher speed but yeah I’ll take a look if you want to send the link. What’s the reason behind bigger wheels? Nicer ride?
  4. Link? I could only find them for about the same price as the GT2B
  5. 30km/h better?

Wheels: [Wheels](Big 80mm 87mm 83mm 90mm 97mm Longboard wheel SHR78A Red color PU wheels High level soft wheels resistant PU longboard wheels to Clipboard) I have a topic where I show that it doesn’t work on Calibers for me. [Here](7.25inch Black Skateboard Trucks Aluminium Longboard Bridge Skateboard Parts Skate Board Trucks to Clipboard) should be the same ones. Bigger wheels, better and safer ride.


Don’t limit the speed, just try what is comfortable for you

Actually you can try @dickyho new mount for Paris /clones trucks but idk if you need to file them a bit. Mount

My opinion about that mount

Thanks for the advice @Grozniy , I found some cheaper 97mm wheels that I’ll get instead and decided to 3D print a motor mount to fit the calibers. I’ll reinforce it with metal rods. Also will be ordering the mini remote

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