First Build - parts list

I’ve got an MBS board that I’m converting, adding dual motors. My research has led me to this…

  • Turnigy SK8 6374-149KV
  • Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6
  • DIYEboard 10S5P 18650 Lithium Battery Pack: 36V, 10Ah, 360Wh

My understanding is that the battery should not exceed voltage or current rating of the ESC; and that the motor amp draw must not exceed the amp rating of the ESC. So, with an ESC voltage range up to 60 and 100A cont. on a single side, my battery choice (10s, 36V, 50A cont.) is good? And the motor max draw of 80A is below the ESC continuous current. That’s just me looking at the numbers. I haven’t done any math to show anything.

I’ve read some questionable results on the Dual FSESC6.6 and had the DIYEboard TORQUE ESC BLDC as a second choice. But, as that cont. current is 50A, wouldn’t I have to drop to a really low current motor?


Couple things, when you have an eMTB with dual 6374 motors, you want a bit more kick from the battery than that, also Flipsky is kinda sketch, and DIYE is more sketch than that

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Whatever you do, just don’t buy that 10s5p from diyeboard. That battery is shit and will sag so much, especially for mtb. Actually don’t buy anything from diyeboard.

As for vesc, go with neoboxes. Seems they are reliable so far and you will have warranty and help from manufacturer, if ever needed.

Cool - I’ll re-evaluate the battery. Good to know - suspicion confirmed about source.

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Thanks for the tip. Checking out neoBOX now.

Can someone help me on my math?

For a 5000mAh 5S battery pack, at 25C, that’s 125A. If I get four of those and arrange so it’s 10s2p, that’s 37V and 10Ah. But, do I need to be looking for an ESC that can handle 250A?

(Dual motor, so I’ll have two ESCs.)

The ESC will be able to limit the current draw, your battery cannot be too big or powerful as long as the voltage is in a safe range. A big battery is usually better because it will not get voltage sag and will last longer

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Gotcha - that makes sense. Thanks.

Thanks for bearing with me…

Revised parts:

  • Turnigy SK8 6374-149KV
  • neoBOX 4
  • Turnigy nano-tech 5000mAh 5S

With two of the nano-tech in series, that’s 37V. The neoBOX can handle up to 80A and 48V.

My riding isn’t going to be anything that I’d consider too extreme. As a guess, 25 mph would be fast for me. Nothing excessive, but it’s not flat around here - I’d probably prefer torque over speed.

Knowing that this is my first build, is it worth jumping to a 12Ah battery, and a beefier ESC? The Ezrun MAX6 looks appealing, but for twice the price of the neBOX.

Ehh, I think that is a perfectly fine setup. You can always upgrade it as you see fit, but that is a healthy start. Just a think to note is the SK8 series motors tend to run hot, but they will be just fine

Check out my board at assault board on Instagram. Mbs board, trucks and wheels. Had to custom design the motor mounts. 10s4p lghg2 batteries that can handle 20A per cell. 3d printed enclosures and wheel gears that have held up to a lot haha. Ive bottomed out on rocks like crazy, the wheel gears have held up no problem. I use 2 flipsky single esc, i have had no problem with them. I pull 80A battery and 80A motor, if the esc enclosure is too sealed up it gets hot and as youre going uphill will act like battery lag cuz its too hot. So i had to remake my esc enclosure with air slits in it for airflow, after that its a monster up hills. Dirt trails are so much fun. Acceleration is nuts. Faster then the enertion raptor

Nice! I’ve got a Colt 90 with the ATS.12 trucks. …It was an old purchase, but something I can start with.

Yup. Ats12 trucks. Had to custom make the motor mounts. Thats the board i took the battery from to use on my other. We have 3 of the mbs boards and others that im working on

I feel like this is a dumb question, but… If I have two 5000mAh 5S Lipo (in series), what charger should I be looking for? And any BMS recommendation? The specific battery is

I’ve been searching, but am unsure of myself. If there’s an article or thread, feel free to point me there.

I don’t know much about the built lipo batteries. I have only dealt with 18650 batteries. They are safer in my opinion, but to each their own with that. I can’t point you in the right direction with those. Sorry man

Hi there,

I have created my first electric skateboard 3 years ago. Years after years, through issues and learning, I have changed all my pieces except the deck. I switched from skateboard to mountainboard wheels and trucks, from single to dual motors and added batteries and VESC accordingly.

Now, I am expecting to move the electronic from below to the top of my deck. By doing so, I am less constrained with battery size and I want to change them.

I use today four ZIPPY COMPACT 3S1P 8000mah 30C batteries in serie and two Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6374-192kv Brushless Outrunner Motor (2750W / 80 Max Amp / 44 Max V each). So basically, with my 8x30=240 Max Amp discharge from my batteries (which is too much but back then, I did not really know about Max Amp), I have enough current to use the motors. I am expecting to get 2 Turnigy 6S1P 12000 mah 12C batteries in serie. I would get a 12x12=144 max amp.

So here comes my question : with 2 motors rated 80 max amp each, should I consider having batteries able to discharge 160 amp ? If so, 2 x 12Ah 12C batteries would not be enough, right ?

Thanks guys