First Build (Please Give Suggestions)

Hello all,

This is both my first post (I hope I did not post in the wrong place) and my first build (though I have worked with a number of friends on their own builds). I have been saving up for this build for a couple years now, and I am planning to spare little expense. As for the reasons that I am building the board, I live in Jerusalem and everything is terribly expensive. including public transport. Esk8 has not really hit Jerusalem yet, though it has hit Tel Aviv (both in Israel), but electric scooters and bikes are quite common. While both of these things are useful, I longboarded a lot in college and think that I would be more comfortable with it. Also, scooters and bikes are not as portable. Anyway, I need a board that can do at least 25 mph and has a range of at least 20 miles. The other factors to consider are the following: Israel gets really, really, really hot in the summer, and in the winter, rain can appear without warning within just a few seconds.

For the parts that I plan on using, here they are:

  • Sector 9 Meridian (riser pads or shock pads?)

  • Evolve Trucks

  • Eboosted enclosure and 12s4p battery

  • FOCBOX Unity

  • 2 * 6374 190KV TB Motors

  • Evolve All-Terrain Conversion Set (are there better wheels than this for cheaper?)

  • 100mm Boa Constrictor

  • 38T Kegel Wheel Pulley

  • 15T Motor Pulley

  • I originally looked at Unik Evolve motor mounts, but they are not producing them anymore. I do not know what to do for mounts. I don’t want a mount super long…

I could use all of your support with a number of things, including recommendation on anti-vibration pads/foam and industrial velcro. Anything that you can all add with regard to waterproofing and handling in the head I would really appreciate. Lastly, does anyone have a set of UNIK mounts they are not using that I can buy? Or are there good, easy alternatives?

If you’re not speed hungry and range is important you could probably go 10s5p instead. You’d still get 25mph+ no problem.

Check this out. Some stuff is only if you plan on building batterys


@marcmt88 makes mounts for the evolve trucks and 63mm motors.

As @Skunk said. I would think about 10s with that truck system. 25 is no problem but over that and the trucks become very unstable and really take some getting used to. 12s and 6374 will get you way over 30mph. 10s5p will give you the speed and the range easily.

Try to make sure that everything in your enclosure is fixed and protected from vibration. Vibration will kill all things esk8 and we put them through a lot of it.

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The new enclosure I have is perfect for your needs, you could umeven go 12s5p for even more range than the 10s5p

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Has anybody used the janux-esk8 evolve trucks? I’m worried that they are very long. How long would the belt have to be with a 38T motor?

Probably need to ask @marcmt88 that.

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I am very triggered sir

Derailed train

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Why? :rofl::rofl:

He rides emo trucks

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Evolve trucks * lol

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Because they are my favorite trucks and everyone keeps on saying how unstable they are but in reality they are just SCRUBS, yes you @dareno sir.

I am the living proof of evolve trucks can handle 40mph+ by hitting those speeds nearly every other day


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Yeah I mean I’m surprised. I hear over and over again that the double kingpin is a really good system for high speeds.

I guess that means I’m living proof that a Ford Tempo is a race car because I got mine going 125mph

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Yeah that’s why all the downhill guys use them. Oh wait…

Oh yeah no honestly they’re terrible for high speeds unless you’re actually good at riding evolve trucks

@Skunk Ford tempo is a race car at the bottom of my heart :heart::heart:


I will concede that point :joy::joy:

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So then which trucks do you suggest?

Calibers, because the mounts for them are cheapity cheap and you’re on a budget

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I think I catered for you in this very flattering reply

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Then again people say tkp and channel trucks aren’t good for speed and yet ive been just shy of 40mph on both no problem

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