First build Project.. Upgrading MBS Colt to Electric 2wd Mountainboard

My First build Project… Upgrading MBS Colt to Electric 2wd Mountainboard. I have an MBS Colt mountain board with brakes, 7’ off-road wheels.

I am on a budget. I would like to follow the principle of recycle, reuse, re-purpose, using what i have here first before i buy more… waste noT want not. I will update this post as i progress.


For a first electric build that’s a lofty project. I’ll follow this as this would be my next project.

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Nice board! I was looking at this same exact model a few days ago!

I really like the graphics of it and also the short lenght.

Keep us updated, then!

Would also love to see from where u gonna get your mounts from :slight_smile:


Actually i am an Artist and hope to eventually add my own Graphics…

easy to add my Graphics if i can find someone with some vinyl printer paper for sale…Also I have a friend with a $25,000 digital printer, i just need sheets of vinyl sticker paper…

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Hydrographics are also cool… though wont be as easy to.make.your own probably

Hydrographics ? whats that?

Dipping things in color infused liquid / glue…

Search on ebay… it is.possible to get some pre made kits / designs there.

Hydro dipping might be the other word

Water transfer printing or hydro graphix

You won’t need that brake. Good luck with your build, keep hitting that search button.

Check out this build here

If you haven’t seen or heard of Jens before - he’s the mountain board king.

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Oh yeah i saw that… interesting but i prefer to create Art then transfer to digital format then print to sticker format, then cut to fit and seal with some type of waterproof scratch proof… IDK the correct terms yet, varnish, sealant… any advice welcome.

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Actually i intend to keep the brake as a manual backup for the controller, Vesc or Esc’s electronic braking is scary to trust.

Yep depending on what esc u might choose i think mechanical brake is a really good ‘safety feature’

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Wow these threads really Drag on… I would like to minimize the length of at least my comments so it is easier to follow and shorter to browse / read. Thanks for all the feedback so far.

You can use more ‘paragrahps’ to make it easly readable…

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Another topic

Okami, any chance of a phone consultation?

hah in what matter ? Do you mean - board building - ?

IF it is not long I think I can reply just fine with text info :wink:

Okay. I just get sic of staring at this darn computer, i like to connect with real people. But its fine to continue with it here.

I also am a Sagittarius and have patience issues…

I would love to talk about Vesc’s and or Escs, etc.

hah sorry for that… for some info you will need a computer screen anyways… just stare at the screen 2-3 times to get that thing understood…

Wont be much help with vesc’'s :wink: idea itself isnt bad… (about video chat / voice conversation about eboards :wink: )

you can look up scram boards for the mount… maybe they even offer vesc… but you have search on the forum for feedback…

I’ve built only 1 board so far more or less so wont be much help anyways related to different parts which I havent tested yet myself…

I think, perhaps, @psychotiller can do some sort of consultation as he is doing builds for customers, I think…

Wish you luck on your ‘‘journey’’ of eboard building :wink:

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Should i build them by component to save money?