First build questions

Hello everyone! First post and first build! Majority of parts already ordered. I’ve been skating for a long time. Mainly cruising so I’m really excited to stop having to propel myself! :laughing: Especially living in Michigan around my area there’s not a lot of places to get a good cruise in. Anyways!

I’m getting

1x Mboards 6374 180kv motor

1x Mboards 10s2p battery ( I know I could probably have done much better and plan to upgrade in the future at some point )

And the torqueboards single motor mechanical kit ( it was on sale! ) with 83mm flywheels and the 180mm trucks. Sandwiching oust moc 7’s

Im planning on getting a programmable ESC ( possibly the torqueboards bldc) but I have no real idea what to look for. I’m trying to get the best bang for my buck but don’t want something unreliable. Are the cheap Chinese combo packs a considerable thought at all ? Programming won’t be super important to me right out of the gate. I just want the board under my feet!! :laughing:

I’ll be building it on my 44" pintail with “easy” deck swaps in mind because my preferences change often.

Also, do I really need an anti-spark switch ? Will it damage my ESC/battery/motor internals if I don’t have any solution or only the metal on the connectors ? How hard would they be to replace ?


Do a search for MBoards. Terrible vendor.


Hmm. Well I feel stupid. I sent an email asking to cancel my order. I doubt they’ll honor that request and there’s no way to directly cancel the order myself ( surprise ) thankfully I paid with PayPal so I can still go through them for a refund. What should I do ? Are the parts actually garbage or just upcharged and sold from a shitty dude ?

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Yes…both are correct


Thanks for the honesty. I’ll see what they have to say about my cancellation request and if they won’t then I’ll go through another avenue. Lesson learned on this one.

Is the group s11 kit from flipsky a good option ?

torqueboards is a reliable vendor.

Torqueboards, buildkitboards and boardnamics are all pretty trusted. Flipsky is questionable with quality and getting things replaced is difficult. Buying used on the forum could be a great option as well…

Stay away from diyeboard and mboards…

Thanks for the list I’ll check them out now. I really appreciate the replies!

Okay. So right now I’m looking into the torqueboards 6374 with their ESC BLDC. Ill probably pick up a cheap remote somewhere else. And I’ll still need to find a good power solution. Any recommendations ?