First Build Single drive

Finally finished my first build. Its just a single drive (Racestar 5065) Will look at upgrading to a bigger 6374 motor and even spacing the wheels from the trucks to accommodate dual. The battery is amazing and I can not recommend it enough. Made by Shenzhen Matrix Battery Co., Ltd. Its 10s5p and I was looking at buying a welder and making my own but William ([email protected]) came through with this battery at $220 USD using Samsung 30q cells. The Motor mount is from good old Boardnamics and its just a 50amp flipsky VESC. The gear system Is 3D printed by IdeaTB and fitted like a charm. Used an old Clarinet case as the housing which works a treat if not being a little close to the ground and I had to reverse mount the motor heal side as I had a few rookie mistakes with belt drive. Attached are photos. Runs really well with the belt needing a little better alignment

IMG_20190515_123144 IMG_20190515_123152 IMG_20190515_123211 IMG_20190515_123235

All up the build cost $485 USD


Everything looks good except for the ground clearance :rofl:

Also don’t push that flipsky vesc too hard.


I agree with Alan :+1:

An upgrade to your enclosure not only improves looks, but will increase the safety of your components (from the ground, water, whatever else) if properly done

As long as you don’t go over any speed bumps, you should be a-ok


I think its dope. Great first build dude. Would ride


Yeah I might have a go at a Carbon fiber enclosure. I just didn’t want to steal from the old classic deck to much

Any thoughts on just using washers to space the wheel gear so I can move the motor mount to fit dual

You can push a vanda Vesc pretty hard and they aren’t very expensive.

Looks cool though. Maybe a microphone case instead

This is a fantastic build :smiley:

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For 220$ is battery legit

Seems a bit low

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It’s legit. Matrix battery is a massive multi million dollar company. I did so much research to get around making my own battery.

But just the 30q cells cost more than that

Really confused

During the building of the battery I Recieved photos. Step by step. So far it outputs just like 30q should.

Cool will look into them for next time

Was it made for your skateboard or just a big battery you get

Would you mind sharing those photos?


How can you tell if this is your first build? I thought diyeboard 10s5p was ‘good’ after a 10s2p meepo with bad cells.

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Noice build with great budget. Photos please and did you test the range? It should be at least 40km

It’s my first build but I know how to use a multi meter. And I’ve played with ekectronics heaps

(upload://vy4u7qn9vk9b1Wfo6TaOysFAtIb.jpeg) -1346359487 -144272713 -1040341681 -1293972702


I would suggest deleting your address from the picture :wink: but thanx for sharing :slight_smile: