FIrst build / single motor / 10S5P / BMS / VESC

Hi This is my FIrst Electric Skateboard.

Parts list

  • Turnigy SK3 5065 236kV Brushless Motor.
  • 50 X Samsung INR18650-25R SDI 2500mAh 20A ( Need Help, How do build. )
  • 36V 10S 60A BMS ( Is this right ? )
  • green motion vesc ( Need Help , how to configure )
  • DIY Motor Mount 3D Printed
  • Caliber, Wheels, deck, Belt, Motor Mount, Bracket Pulley.

I need help with VESC and 10s5p battery buld

Watch this video for the battery. WHERE IS THE RECEIVER FOR YOUR REMOTE CONTROL? You need male to male connector for that bro.

I’d suggest spending a little extra and going for a bigger motor. It doesn’t cost much extra and you’ll get better performance. I wouldn’t recommend the 3D printed motor mount. Others have tried and they’ve failed on them only after a short amount of use.

For vesc configuration it’s super easy. There’s a step by step playlist on YouTube that you can watch which makes it very clear. Don’t be daunted by the setup and configuration process, the complexity isn’t far off from being plug and play :wink:

As far as the battery goes if you want to do it yourself you’ll need a spot welder. Otherwise @barajabali should be able to help with a prebuilt battery.

is 10s5p 50 cells for 10S 60A BMS ?

Yes it is

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What kind of charger is needed ? For 10S5P

Well I don’t have a bms but I’m pretty sure a 42v 2a power adapter should work. Just check with someone else to make sure

is this the right battery drawing ?

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Looks good to me though I am not an expert on these things.

Update 2018


I need help My new vesc only blue lights up. Red and green do not light up. The computer does not recognize it.