First build, single motor 6384

Would love advice or reaffirmation of my build part selection. Hoping to confirm I do not have any bottlenecks and what my most restrictive entity is in the build. Still have some decisions to make and haven’t ordered key components so somethings still susceptible to change.

Please keep in mind I am located in Cali, US so I am ALWAYS looking and open to sourcing parts locally or within the US. Would love some non-overseas shipping as well as local respected and trusted suppliers.

What I want out of a board and my measurements: I am 5’10", 150 lbs looking for something reliable with solid range and torque. Not really needing a top speed in the 30+ mph range (although im not against it) more in the mid to upper 20s.

Really appreciate any feedback and advice! Thanks all! Here it is:

Deck: 34" Old school cruiser

Wheels: 90mm 74a

Trucks: TorqueBoards 180mm (considered the 218 but eh) w/ some 3mm risers

Motor mount: Still looking

Timing belt: Want a 15mm for reliability but not sure what size/length

Battery: ($300) Backfire 10sp4, 10ah, 360 wh OR ($429) Boundmotor 12s 3 or 4p

Motor: Flipsky BLDC 6384 190kv (also considering 170kv) 4kw 8mm round shaft

VESC: Flipsky 75v single esc. Cont. current: 100A, Max Current: 120A, ERPM 150000 with regenerative capacity

Remote: Flipsky 2.4Ghz VX1 Pro

Pulleys/Gearing: 36/15 (Can’t find any reasonably priced 40t pulleys

Also, I will mention there are not a ton of large hills in my area.

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Battery and esc should be changed but other than that, nothing bad on the list.

The esc should be a stormcore or a makerx, and the battery should be made by pros:

I wouldn’t worry too much on belts since you need to know the measurements of your pulley system. I was given a site before to know but i can’t find it atm.

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I checked out BigRedsBoards and have seen his work and comments in other threads. Something I considered but was unsure about what the pricing and turnaround time would look like compared to ordering from a company with premade batteries. Also, what makes you say the battery I was considering was not a professional job? Do they have a bad rep? They seem like a solid company with decent pricing and located in US.

In reference to the ESC, why is the one I selected not great? And what specs of a stormcore or makerx would I look into to avoid any bottlenecking or damage and why? I’m not sure the advantage they would bring over the Flipsky 75100.

@LeonCamero Thank you for your suggestions and help! Greatly appreciate it!!

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No. They’re using chinese batteries. Which are harder to program in vesc tool due to not knowing the cells they use and just playing a guessing game. Best to avoid the guessing game tbh.

Two answers:

  1. flipsky escs are pretty much a hit and miss. You’ll either get lucky and it was made well, or unlucky and just turning it on causes it to randomly blow up and die (usually due to the antispark built-in). You can try your luck or…

  2. get a better quality esc. The specs of an esc would be best defined by your build. If you’re running basic hub motors, you wouldn’t need a storm core. If you’re running large motors, you would use an esc that is capable to provide the power. Im not sure what you mean by bottle necking since that term is usually used on the battery being provided to the esc, in which is why I gave the answer about the battery. Chinese batteries are usually the reason.

Side note: if you’re running a single motor for your build, the stormcore isn’t needed. Look onto trampa vesc since its the best single esc out there.

All you need to do is just stay within the details of the esc like maxium voltage (12s) and max amp it can provide to avoid any issues down the line.

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Ah I see, useful info thanks. When I referenced bottlenecking I was referring to making sure the VESC can handle the motor and battery without getting fried. I am not sure about paying the $265 for a esc, seems expensive and maybe overkill but then again I could be absolutely wrong as I have no hands-on experience.

For the battery, if I am considering going the route of say Big Red Boards what battery size would be suggested? Please correct me if I am wrong but from what I understand, something like a 10s4p will give me strong range and power and would work fine with the 6384 single but moving up to something like a 12s3p would be able to deliver more power to the motor and have similar range as well. I am thinking I will go the route of a 10s4p as I do not think I will need that 25-30 mile range as much as maybe 15-20miles. And if getting the 10s4p size is a 6384 overkill? Should I go for a 6374?

Again no obligation to feed me info I just figured I can’t hurt to ask a knowledgably forum because much info I find online can be outdated per the developing technology and increasing specs.

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Also figure since I am getting a motor and remote from them whats the worst that can happen with an esc especially if I am not pushing its spec limits

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That’s trampa for you. They’re freaking expensive. But you can check this out:

Probably works for you, but feel free to look at the site.

Oh okay. It’s the first I’ve heard of that tbh. As long as you keep the esc in accordance to its condition, you won’t experience anything like that… except maybe from flipsky.

I think a 10s4p would be best. A 12s would probably give you more power, but I’d say a 10s4p is a good sweet spot. The motor size just means it will just use more amps from the esc. So the esc you will be using will be able to give the energy provided. And, if you are getting it from bigreds, you will have over 100 amps of current to work with. So you have all the power needed for your application.

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Yeah I actually like that ESC and I would be willing to cough up the extra $55 for a more reliable device than what FlipSky offers. I went ahead and requested a quote from BigRed. I would love to use SKP as they are located in Oakland, CA which I am very close to. However, $575 for a 10s4p hurts my head. Ill see what BigRed quotes and if it is similar I may go SKP. Hopefully it is worth paying double the price of a Backfire brand battery and getting quality cells. I will report back my findings.

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They’re P42A batteries. They’re not as cheap as chinese batteries. So that’s why the price is a lot. It’s the latest batteries.

If you need any more info, don’t hesitate to ask. If i don’t respond, I’m probably doing hate speech somewhere else.

Or doing floral arrangements.

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I went ahead and ordered my motor today, along with remote. Next plan on ordering that ESC from MakerX. Is there any soldering that needs to be done or plug and play?

Also have been finding it difficult to source a motor mount that can mount the motor under the board (rather than reverse only mounts) and fits the 180 mm trucks. Figured some forum goer machines these or has a source that does. Any ideas?

Getting the TB V7 Kit would be my best option, it states it doesn’t work with 180 mm in dual setup so I am assuming for single its fine. However, it is a reverse only mount! looking at the limited pictures it seems it may be possible to arrange it for under-deck setup but its difficult to say without having the thing in my hands.

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You may have to solder a few things. I recall having to solder the motor connectors since what i was using were 4mm bullet connectors and the esc were 5.5mm.

I can suggest the other forum. I don’t have a great rep there, but they might know more and can help out a lot more. I can pm you the link if needed. I just won’t be there.

Yeah, there’s not many things that might work, but that is why we DIY. We make it work. I think its best to try it since the mounts works with the trucks. It’s difficult finding mounts that works nowadays. But if anything, the other forum might know more since its more active there.

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Which other forum are you referring to?

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10 character limit sucks…

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Sounds like maybe you were made an example of against the moderators will to avoid backlash and the long-term vets over there don’t actually see you with a “bad rep”. Seems like most of em know you are you still in contact or are you just the last remaining expert on this forum banished to your own little land here :joy:

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The accuracy. Spot on lol. Because I choose to not give a crud with what I say, i made sure to learn as much as i can so that people here can say what they want and still learn esk8. But i will always be limited. So i send those who needs more info there. It’s to show that no matter what, ill never hold any ill mannerisms towards them. Im a Christian. Im not supposed to hold grudges nor any anger.

I don’t have any contacts with them. Only if they wish to have a chat with me or try to troll me with a fake account (evwan). Other than that, none.

I just wish they did the same. But anyways. You will find massive help there. Best of luck. Let me know how it all goes.

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There’s no shame in saying it out loud.

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Not really about whether or not it’s shameful. I just have respect to keep the two separate. But that’s just me. No shame on being respectful, despite what had occured here (wasn’t around). However, if you’re still around here and I’m busy, I suggest that you tell the others about the other side after answering them here (highly recommend answering here).

I’ll leave that to my more active fellow esk8 buddies. Different form of mutual respect I guess.