First build / single sk3 6374 kv192/ 2 x 5s1p 20c/ maytech vesc

Hi everybody,

I diced to build a eskate with motor sk3 6374 192kv, 2 batteries 5s1p 20c and maytech vesc (i have it). 16/48t, 83mm wheels What do you think? I see that the batteries have bullet connectors, motor too, the vesc hasn’t any conexións( it’s possible?). Can you recommend me which typ of conexions will be ok (keep the bullets and put to vesc too of change everything for xt60 /90)?

Thanks for your help

Both xt60 and xt90 are okay. I would go for the xt90’s just in case. Bullet connectors are also an option.

I’d go with 90mm wheels at least as they give u some more ground clearance as well as higher top speed and more smooth over bumps

I would then use a 36/16 pulleys if u are going with 90mm

Use whatever connectors you want, just insulate then properly

Thanks a lot for answers! I would like to use some anti spark conexións. How many i’ll need? Only one, between battery and vesc? Or all battery’s outputs?

This will be enough to connect 2 batteries?

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As long as ur 2 batteries both have xt90 female output connectors and the vesc has an xt90 male output then yeah

The batteries have bullet 4mm and the vesc any connection. I know that i will have to solder. I like to change baterries conexion for xt90 but i dont know, buy only one anti spark and put it before vesc or 3 (2 for batteries and one for vesc)?

48t sounds big for 83 mm wheels. Gives you 3,5mm clearance without belt.

You have to put the antispark between the battery and the vesc on the positive side(red wire). You only need one antispark per board.

48t has 59mm (I hope. It’s written on the seller’s page) . So give me 12mm clearance

Big thanks!

And also other big thanks for everybody!

Sounds weird. Do you have a link? Must be some weird pitch and certainly not 5mm or stated diameter is wrong.

If all they are 4mm bullets buy this:

Then buy this xt90 anti spark:

Then you need to buy either a pair of hxt bullet connectors to solder to ur vesc so u can connect the series connector to the vesc or buy this hxt to xt90 adapter:

This is how u would wire everything up with antispark:

Just remember, use the male part of the xt90 anti spark on the wire and then the female acts as a key to close the circuit and gouge power. The female key needs to be bridged with wire like this:

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Thank you!

So in the “+” i can solder directly male xt90 for sparks?

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Yep. 10char

But remember that the mere are 2 batteries so the positive and negative of each are going to be connected to make the series connection and then the positive from one battery and negative from other battery is going to go to the vesc and u have to make sure to solder the xt90 antispark to the wire coming from the battery that has the + wire.

Also if I were u go with 90mm flywheel ones and use a 36t wheel pulley and 16t drivetrain