First build | SPLITTAIL BLANK DECK | Paris Savant | MEEPO Hubmotor | Samsung 21700 40T 10s2p | WowGo 2s ESC

Hi everyone!

I have an Evolve Bamboo GT 10s4p battery modified. It worked perfectly, but It’s heavy and inconvenient to carry around.

so I decided to make a light weight commuter cruiser. Here we go.

Motor - MEEPO Hub motor(Swappable PU) Batteries - Samsung 21700 40T 4000mAh 30A Enclosure - Evolve Bamboo GT Gen3 Battery case ESC - WowGo 2s ESC Deck - SPLITTAIL BLANK DECK 32" x 9.5"(Skateshred) Front Truck - Paris SAVANT Electro Luxe 180mm 43º

I used a spare Evolve’s enclosure. I made it short, Because it’s longer than the deck. IMG_20180714_114958_R

And then glued. IMG_20180714_153410_R IMG_20180714_125206_R

Wrap with 3M Carbon fiber vinyl. IMG_20180715_121314__01_R

Make a battery pack. IMG_20180804_092709_R IMG_20180804_092704_R IMG_20180804_151319_R

being finished IMG_20180804_170054_R IMG_20180804_170105_R

I rode more than 20km at first ride, I could not empty the battery. Wowgo 2s ESC can be controlled very smoothly. 15337346421521 15337346216480


Where did you bought the Samsung 40T?

I was able to purchase directly by contacting Shenzhen companies. Here Shenzhen Victpower Technology

They said recently arrived 21700 30T too. I recommend 40T for ESK8.:grinning:

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How is that esc?

very good. I tried MEEPO V2 ESC, but I feel it is better than that.

So the wowgo esc better then the meepo interesting stuff

@esk8jpn nice board, how are the 40T’s performing? planing to use them in a 11S1P light board

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Considering the footprint it is a good performance(Except for the cost). I will recommend it if it fits your enclosure.

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Very clean build man! Nice to see someone using these new cells. What’s the total weight of your board?

They seem to perform very good, your 10S2P with 40T will perform as good as a 10S4P with 30Q cells :wink:

I’m planning to make a small and light board because mine is also to heavy. I want to use the loaded kut-thaka deck, ownboard hubs and esc, the battery will be a 11S1P 40T probably. Just to be able to do 10km rides is enough.

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Really nice fish tail build. Well done!

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@bartroosen12 The total weight was about 7.7kg. That is not so light. lol :sweat_smile:

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Hey, I’m building something very similar right now! How has it held up? Do you have any tips?

The hardest part is shortening the enclosure. Cutting and bonding. Furthermore, the Evolve enclosure is only 130mm width. That is not suitable for 21700 cells.

Building is easy if you can get the suitable enclosure for your battery pack. The parts used in this build are plug and play. lol