First Build (The Canadian Bozboards)

Hello everyone, Been lurking for a little while and commenting here and there. I just got a notification that my stuff has shipped from HobbyKing so I figured now was a good time to post. I took over @Northlake build, I was about to order from @JLabs but figure I would help out a fellow Canadian by grabbing his stuff.

Build Specs: Bozboards Talisman DH (which I am dreading drilling so trying to find a creative mounting solution) Caliber longboard trucks JLabs 190kv motor Mini remote controller and receiver Enertion FOCBOX

Now for outstanding stuff. I am have on order the 4mm bullet connector extensions for motors and was planning to replace the wires on the JLabs motor for those so it can directly connect to the FOCBOX. I am planning to run a 10s setup so I don’t think this should be an issue. Batteries is the other thing outstanding, I am struggling to find some good prices on batteries. I found the ebay lg batteries but not sure that’s the way to go and debating on which ones I should get. Being in Canada makes batteries both hard to get and expensive.

Thanks for taking the time to checkout this this build. Will try and get some picture posted this weekend! Feedback and constructive criticism is very welcome!

Here she is!


I just use lipo. instead. cuz lion is way too pricy for us Canadian. u can still use bms, but I just use charger.

Ah, where are you sourcing them from?

I bought over ebay. 2x5s5a for like C$200 including ship. hobbyking is better if possible but they don’t ship to Toronto for now. maybe west coast.

u have to charge often to jeep it healthy but. I use for 2-3 days before I charge so I’m quite happy

Cool! I have been collecting laptop batteries and have enough for a 12s1p so figure I need at least 2p for this to work proper.

I’ve been able to get lipos shipped to TO pretty easily from hobbyking. You just need to make sure you set the filter to US warehouse only cause they don’t ship lipos from their international warehouse to Canada.

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choices are limited and they send via FedEx which charged 60% of the value last time ordered. I’m refusing to pay now but seriously no thanks

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I just remembered aliexpress ships to China to canada.