First build Trampa eMtb

I’ve been reading heaps of topics here before I made a decision to build myself one that can satisfy what i’m looking for riding electric skateboard board the way I wanted it. By the way I already owned 2 electric skateboard which I bought about years ago and still hungers for more thrills which non of them fills that gap. So here I am decided to build for my liking. Okay, enough for mocking around.

Here is my specs: decks: Trampa holy pro 35deg 15ply from trampa ESC: VESC6 x 2 from trampa Battery: Lipo 4x 6S 22.2v 6amp 65c discharge Turnigy Graphene (12s2p) hobbyking Battery box: waterproof Sandugo accessory bag Motor: 2x sealed Motor 8085s 6000w 170kv sensored from freerchobby Remote: Photon Remote from Wajdy Drive train: e-Toxx Direct Drive helicals from jenso ESC box: waterproof selfmade fibre glass starwars kylo ren VESC6 box.

Problem I faces along the process: Remote: Photon remote is not working won’t able to update and not connecting to vesc even the rx and tx has been swapped over; as replacements I bought a winning remote and Status: pending until new production has arrived this end of August

Drive train: Direct Drive motor mount and adaptor is not good as the big motors hits the hanger when it moves; Status: solve jenso sent me mew Motor 10mm Motor mounts that fits APS 8085 Motor

Motor: wrong motors that arrives, it is not sensored and sealed so still fending but able to fit to get my board running and to figure out my right Program for my vesc6; Status: still waiting for my sensored Motor hopefully this week they can shipped it this week

Please check my photos and enjoy! :grinning: imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Sorry for the long content any idea for suggestions please comment below


That blue is sexy

Sexy beast mate! She’s a winner

Damn you just gave me idea how to save my battery pack from upcoming rain season… Just get a water resistant bag or something similar :smiley:

P.S. How are those motors? do they sound same as APS 8072 motors?


Yeah… I gave up on APS 8072

I will be trying to spin it with my esc as it makes electric noise completely different compared to vesc…

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Are these your actual settings?


With 30A you tickle your big motors only, increase it to 100A (or at leat 80A). Personally I like the brakes at about 2/3 of the motor current (e.g -65A max brake/100A motor).

The battery current max should be equal or smaller than the motor current. Your max regen seems high but I don’t know the charge rate of your lipos. You can find all the info when clicking the help tabs in Vesc-Tool at the certain setting.

@rich no they are not just capture a wrong photo when I uploading it. I now have MC 120 BC 100 thay max setting, I currently using the beta app from @twan and its allow me to change my setting on the go image


That sounds much better :sunglasses: BTW mad setup!

@rich thanks mate, this is why I made a decision to upload my first build here to gets suggestions

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I did endurance test on my build yesterday ‘til my lipo battery max out to my max discharge set value and the battery went out at 23km ride distance.image. Also tried various modes settings to each to full throttle just to experiment and had had a couple of crushes specially on the loose gravels that I didn’t anticipated otherwise i’m fine.

any update on this bro? especially on the motors? how are the performing?

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@garseng Hey mate sorry for late response, yeah my 8055 motor is not good they make annoying high pitch sounds in certain rpm I already replaced it with a 8085 motors with sensor one they’re good so far but last few day using it, I found one motor is kinda playing up with the sensor so probably needs to fix it again, but other than that I am loving my board. Planning to go with 63mm motor this time to lessen the weight but in doing this I pretty much need to change my whole direct drive setup as my powertrain only setup for 80mm motor