First build | turnigy 245kv 63mm motor | 8s setup | turnigy accucel 8 charger | lipos 4sx2 6000mah | torqueboards esc | caliber trucks | 83mm wheels | torque board motor mounts and gear and pully

Good day to everyone. I have started my 8s build , will soon receive my mechanical parts . hopefully next month will place the order for the electrical parts from hobbyking , however I need help from the awesome people in this community.

I live in UAE , will be glad to meet someone who live here ,and shares the same interests as e board is something totally new here.

finally the problems I am having. hobby king can ship 3s 8000mah batteries but cannot ship 4s batteries. I dont know why . could be due to warehouse or w/e . also the turnigy 8s charger is out of stock since a month or so. I need your suggestion if I should lower my specs to 6s 8000mah(3sx2 8000mah) or wait for 4s to be available in EU warehouse and the charger and order it then . or 6s should be plenty enough? my area is almost flat.

the second question is that if you recommend that i go for the 6s setup. should i switch over to esc from x car beast 150A . or stick to the vesc as torque boards states that they wont cover drv issues unless i pay 60$ for warranty (doesnt include shipping so basically 100$ if DRV issue occurs)

Also should i get 6374 192kv sk3 motor or stick to 245kv.

I would be glad for the suggestions you provide and suggestions in changing my setup or anything will be greatly appreciated.


If you do switch to 6s I recommend the X-car Beast, I have the 120A and have been running it without issues for the last few months. Just make sure you get the programming card too. I would also stick with the 245kv motor unless you go with a 10s or 12s battery


thanks for the reply, i was reading the article on choosing the battery and the guy suggested that taking 3s batteries and running them i series for 12s is recommended . what do you think. then with 12s i think i will have to move to 6374 192kv motor , or is this overkill.

Well it depends on how fast you want to go and how big the hills in your area are. The larger battery will get you better top speed and more range but will mean you will most likely need a BMS, Vesc and 170 - 190kv motor, Which will make the price a lot higher.

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i understand, i am looking for range , and i live in total flat area, also i dont mind giving the board a push for the start. someone said that 8s 245kv is the best in terms of cost and torque and speed. but 8s , i cant find the charger or ship the batteries. if you say that 245kv at 6s is strong enough for my needs , i am 150lb and flat roads. i am willing to go 6s with x car esc and save a lot of money, might even do two 6s in parallel for the awesome 16000mah.

I really appreciate you helping me out btw. thanks a lot

No problem man I am happy to help. Well I would think with that 6s and 245kv would be perfectly fine with your weight. The extra packs in parallel would be great. I run 5s (one cell died was 6s) and the batteries are only 5000 mah and I wish I could ride for longer. For my next build I am looking at changeable packs so when one is flat I can put another in. Can anyone just confirm that this would work fine maybe @lowGuido? Since you seem to be the 6s expert.

just go with 6S. chargers are cheap and easy to get. xcar beast is bullet proof, and with 280kv you can easilly hit 32km/h every day. if you want range wire a couple of 8000mah packs in parallel for 40km range.

lowguido is the reason i am building my e board :slight_smile: . this guy is awesome . anyways i did the calculation . take it with grain of salt . a zippy 8ah 30c has continuous 240amp so it wont sag much. please correct me if i am wrong. also it says that 6s 8ah will give roughly about 9miles , so 18 miles with 6s2p is awesome , just thinking how to integrate it with my setup. anyway will be glad to have @lowGuido , give his professional opinion. probably will buy like 2 imax charger and charge each 6s pack separately as i want to avoid parallel charging and save time.

I get around 22km with my 8000mah im not sure what that is in miles. about 13miles?

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I swear I have about 5 imax B6 chargers at home and 2 at work. they are so cheap and you can never have too many LOL. it certainly speeds things up having a few.

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thats awesome. 22km on 8ah makes me not even do 6s2p . just 6s1p will be enough then i guess. I will follow your youtube guide. if there is anything that i should be aware of let me know thanks a lot once again.

Also i might get the hobby king mount and see how they perform on 63mm motor , maybe weld it to the caliber trucks even . will update on how they perform hopefully by end of september.

@lowGuido one more question. turnigy has a vesc for 85$ on hobbyking site , can you do a video on that. looks like a steal price. costs almost the same as the esc+programming card

I just got some torqueboards 218mm trucks and im gonna order some short belts and see how they go with the HK mounts…

to be honest I probably wouldnt trust a hobby king VESC… they are fragile enough from reputable sources. but If i ever get some spare time, and a spare $85 to throw at it I’ll give it a crack.

he thing is that I have used VESC from ollin and enertion and they are great but for 6S the Xcar really is unbeatable for reliabillity. and a VESC isnt required. I really dont see the need to go much higher than 6S either… I have built 6S boards that run up to 40km/h plus and climb hills. I have also built 12S boards that are totally overkill (for me anyway) so I’m not like some 6S only fanatic…

I just think for most circumstances (what I do anyway) 6S is enough.

awesome , cant thank you enough .

and looking forward for the hk mount video , hopefully soon

Wow 6S 8Ah and around 22km that’s so much! I got 6S 10Ah and only getting around 14km and I don’t have hills :open_mouth:

could be that I am using a 280kv and you are using a 236kv? or a different gearing ratio? or just some difference in ESC efficiency? there are any number of variables,

Yeah maybe, I should be so happy if mine should do like 20km :grin: both builds are geared to 40km/h but yeah I got the FVT esc and maybe you got a very smooth running gear and I guess better wheels so wow really I’m impressed :wink: And yep I’m running the 236Kv

what do you prefer? fvt or x-car beast 120A?