First build | turnigy 245kv 63mm motor | 8s setup | turnigy accucel 8 charger | lipos 4sx2 6000mah | torqueboards esc | caliber trucks | 83mm wheels | torque board motor mounts and gear and pully

unless you plan on riding straight line smooth surfaces, id 100% go with the lowest kv you can afford. i got the 149kv turnigy sk3 and have no idea where people got the idea that its remotely slow. higher kv will almost always run hotter, which is essentially energy that is not making it to your wheels. theyre inefficient and the higher theoretical top speed is nowhere near worth the inefficiency and lower torque.

should mention that im also 150lbs, though I ride a combination of steep hills and some amazing smooth flat surfaces. id always go with higher efficiency, especially if youre in the UAE where its hot as balls. last thing you need are parts that waste off the energy from your battery as heat.

im running 10s4p 360wh battery with a chaka vesc, 83mm wheels (soon to be 76mm), 16/32 gearing, and a 149kv 6374. im in the mindset of prioritizing torque and efficiency

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I prefer the xcar 150A. I have never used the 120A. I just stick with the 150A because I like that extra bit of headroom.

@itsmikeholland we are discussing 6S systems so 260kv or upwards in order to get a nice top speed. if you have a 10S system then of course you can get speed out of a slower 149kv but thats not what we are discussing here. volts x KV = RPM 10S x 149kv = 1490rpm 6S x 260kv = 1560rpm

so they work out around the same ball park RPM in the end.

then there is gearing… thats another can of worms.

the whole “higher voltage is always more efficient” thing is a bit of missinformation thats spreads across this forum a lot too. it’s a theory that relies on you pulling the same watts to compare the two which can be true, but can also be false. it all depends… there are so many variables.

well, when i have all the money to buy everything I’ll make apost to seek your advide hehe. thanks

i meant to say that lower kv/higher torque is more efficient, didnt mean to imply higher voltage. sorry for the confusion! 6s with 149kv would still be more efficient than 6s at 245kv, while he will have a higher top speed its still gonna burn a lot of heat getting there. on perfectly smooth ground Ive hit 26mph at about 70% throttle when my theoretical top speed is only around 23mph, and my average cruising speed is around 12mph with a total average speed usually around 8mph. in my case it makes sense to get smaller wheels and such because i have essentially 10-15 mph of headroom thats not being used and im lose efficiency. guess it all depends on how he will be using it.

so i dont understand why do people tell me that 190kv requires a full 10s or 12s to work perfectly at its max, while 245 will be too hot at 10s hence use 6s with higher kv. also everywhere i calculate the 245kv has higher top speed.

please correct me if i am wrong

edit: read lowguido’s post and thats why i am leaning towards 245kv . i am sure that 245kv at 12s will burn me with it lol

edit 2: so should i go for 6374 @ 192kv ? i think its a bigger motor than 6364 245kv . again correct me if i am wrong. please convince me to not buy 245kv , thanks i already have ordered 83mm wheels so cant go down there. we are talking 6s here , thanks

a few questions , if it doesnt matter , will be glad to know your preference : Q1: xt-90 or xt-60 adapters.? Q2: antispark xt-90 (5$)or normal one similar to one in your video?

this all boils down to how you will be using your board. I use my to commute around west La and Santa Monica and hardly get it above 18mph when I have the road to myself and usually cruising at 12mph on average. Therefore even with 6s I would still go for the 190. Theoretical 16 mph top speed using though I personally have been able to exceed the top speed it predicted for me because Im pretty light and my board is small. It would be wasteful to put together a 28mph board and only ever be riding it at 12mph.

If you just want to go fast in an empty parking lot on your days off then by all means go for 245kv.

Another thing I want to point out is that right now we’re having a heat wave and its 90 degrees outsise which is making even my 149kv motor get hot quicker and Im losing significantly more energy than my rides usually consume.

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I am running 83mm wheels, so will 280kv be enough to push it , and i have a 42inch longboard with caliber trucks.

hmm i understand, tbh i live in university campus and the nearest market is like 6km. i am looking for speed as my area is not closely packed and basically roads are empty most of the time i will link a picture , and hopefully you can deduce what might be the best option for me. i really prioritize distance and speed as i am on roads dedicated to cars, link:

the picture shows the end of a long stretch of road and that building in the picture is the beginning of another university .

edit : holy friking sht , 90 degrees and ur motor overheating , what will happen to 245kv lol its on avg above 100 here lol. @lowGuido please can you reasses if i should still stick to 245kv and get +5-10 kph or go down to 192kv

that road looks amazing! I personally would still go for 190kv, but maybe thats just because with where I live I dont get to take it very fast. I also have a VERY tiny board that saves me a lot of weight which is how Im able to go faster than normal with a lower kv motor :wink:

I think youll be happy with either way, its not like picking one over the other will be a fatal mistake or anything. another thing to consider is that if you want to upgrade in the future to 10s or 12s with a VESC you may run into problems with the 245kv motor and will also be in the situation Im in where my board is not set up perfectly for how I use it. I personally can get closer with smaller/lighter wheels, a lighter carbon fiber board, and eventually less cells in my battery because the board is so lightweight and efficient for how I use it. Definitely consider everybody elses input as well though, they have a lot of valuable info and experience to consider as well.

i might as well make a good income when i sell it and just build a complete new 12s dual 150kv setup , which very unlikely i wont as a good toyota yaris 2008-2009 cost me 3200$ in mint condition and petrol cost like 50cent a litre , so a dual motor board cost around 1500$? XD

edit: all that heat thing u made me wanna think twice lol . well i will have a story to tell about 245kv in an oven.

dual 149kv is my dream! Ive been toying with the idea of a dual diagonal build but Id have to get another @chaka vesc, there are some pretty steep hills I still cant get up here in LA. let me try to find a screenshot of the intersection of La Cienega and Sunset Blvd. If i can get up that hill, I can basically conquer all of LA :smile:

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Personally I think 6s and 245kv will more than please. I also would not think that it will get hot as long as you use appropriate gearing. With 83mm wheels it won’t require as much torque and should stay relitivly cool. I see many people running 270kv motors and they are fine

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I use 280kv all day every day. It works fine and doesnt get hot. I use a 12 tooth pinion and a 30t wheel pulley. If you choose to go for a lower kv you might be able to upgrade to bigger batteries later or something… personally i have built more 6S 280kv boards than I can poke a stick at. None of thwm have any problems being hot or slow. XT60 is fine for 6S you dont need anti spark because 6S spark is small enough to deal with.


thanks a lot for the input @lowGuido . imade my decision to go for 245kv , just waiting for 20 sept gonna order everything at once. found a similar to torqueboards mini remote for 20$ on . really awesome price. and i dont have a drill press so found a gear tooth pulley and belt for 83mm wheel for 20$ on ebay , exactly similar to torqueboards. with 15mm belt btw . and still looking for caliber mounted motor mounts , probably will make my own and weld it the blow torch way. if i fail i will order one from protoboards (cheaper shipping so save money) . almost 60$ but what can i do :frowning: . wait i forgot that i was gonna order the 8$ motor mount from HK lolz

What trucks you using? A word of warning about blow torch brazing . I found it would crack after a while. And the excessive heat required to braze would weaken the truck. Either find someone who can TIG ir MIG it for you.


oh , its caliber 2 trucks. hmm i have to think of a strong motor mount without breaking the bank. beacuse i was gonna weld hk mounts to make them super strong.

Can you send a link of the pulleys I think they could be by a dodgy seller

hmmm dodgy seller , ohh ebay moneyback guarantee yay , alibaba sells it way cheaper btw i just realized . its sold by like 20 different sellers so i will just go for the one with the highest rating . edit:

Oh that’s not the same kit I was thinking of. Just be aware that there is a kit on eBay that is dodgy. That one seems fine and I might even look at buying it for my next build