First build. Using TB v5 reverse mounts. Would love thoughts

This is my first dual motor build. And first build with idlers. And basically my first build all together.

Does this all look right? Are my settings correct for the vesc? imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


You need to hit Apply for your voltage cut off to update + write motor config.

What kind of Torqueboard 63" Reversed mounts are those? Mine is completely different and it come with the separate clamp. What I’m missing here? I didn’t see these in their website when I bought it!!


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Aaaah, is a Double Motor Mount Set ($165) !! Thats why. Mine is the larger single reverse mount version.


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I am running a 10s set up. Am typed in the numbers manually. Did I do it wrong? I’m a noob and not afraid to ask dumb questions.

Thanks for taking a look and willing to respond. I have about 1 mike on this board (since I finished today and it’s about to rain in Chicago) one thing I noticed is that when the wheel is on the ground and therefore not moving or able to move, the large case part (sorry I don’t know the technical terms) of the motor has some give and can turn a little bit each way. Is that normal? Here is a link.


I know. It was expensive. But for my first dual build it seemed like a good choice because of how solid it was. On my single motor build I was struggling to get the mount mounted well. I learned a lot from that and could probably do a regular mount well now. But this seemed solid. So I went for it.

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Check the set screws on the end of the motor. Could be loose. You’ll need metric hex key to tighten it.

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You did the holes for the Idlers?

Ooooh yeah, this is very important @eskatechicago, you need to used Metric Hex instead the Imperial. Otherwise you’ll end up destroying the clamp’s grub screws.

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These guys? Those are tight. And thanks yea, I have a metric set.



Yeah, that’s correct. Might need to flip the hex key so you have more torque though.

Yes. I was. The placement was just for the photo. I did use the other side and tried to crank on it. It was tight. I will try again.

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My set up is similar to yours but with the new 2 piece clamp and idlers. These mounts work amazing. TB makes great products not a huge fan of fixed mounts cause then your stuck with one pulley set up cause it’s not really adjustable.

Here is mine the updated version of yours. received_2240070916216390


Well shoot. There is already an updated version? I bought this last week!!

No updated version of @pixelsilva

That’s a prototype. @eskatechicago for the V4 MM

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Oh! Sorry. I was confused.

Oh nice I thought these would go on sale since they work so damn well :smiley:

Nice setup, Adam! Yeah, me too I’m a fan of adjustable mounts. Like to think in the future so I can reuse my installations later. You drilled then holes for your Idlers? What drill bit you used? Which Idler bolt size?