First Build | VESC | 190kv | 10s | Li-ion |

Hi guys,

I’am Pjotr 17 years young. I live in Belgium and have made my first electric longboard.

First i thought to build a 6s board but i am switched to 10s :slight_smile:

My parts: -Longboard incl trucks @Amazon 34euro -Focbox @DeathCookies 130euro -Alien 6355 HEV Outrunner brushless motor 190KV 2400W @Alienpowersystem 100euro -Li-ion 10s4p LG IMR18650-HE2 2500mAh - 20A @Nkon 115euro -97mm wheels @aliexpress 45euro -Winning remote (Very good range) @Aliexpress 35euro -Adapter 42v 4A @Aliexpress 20euro -Motor mount @Ebay 35euro -Li-ion Holders @Ebay 20euro -Battery % @Ebay 7euro -Bms 70A @Bestechpower 55euro -Wires and other stuff 50euro

Total price: ± 600 euro

Build log: After 1 day:

First I glued the li-ion together but soldering was not that easy. Then I saw @Viribus desing and I did this too. Because of the glue, I’ve damaged the cell’s envelope, which I made with tape

After 2days:

After 3 days: I have received my BMS, it was shipped on wednesday and today (friday) I received it. What a very fast shipping :slight_smile:

I hope that i can i have my printed enclosure tomorrow… After soldering for more than 15 hours, I can not see a solder bolt anymore.

If you have any questions, I’m ready to answer


Thats exactly how i did it with these battery holders … u need to shrink wrap it and its done, batteries wouldnt loose connection caused by vibrations then.

Its way cheaper as a spot welder, and million times better as soldering cables directly on the cells.

Spotwelding by a guy of Nkon (netherlands) cost me ± 60euro I chose those sleds because this makes it easier to replace a broken cell. Only the soldering and removing the insulation cost me very much time… I have also tested the connection between each cell…

:’( my adapter give a pop … i go contact the aliexpress seller :confused:

That battery looks cool! Do you have more explanations or pictures of that?

Here is a drawing of the battery. If you want more photo’s tommorow can I take some.

Awesome thanks!

My 3d printed enclosure was not so good as i thought. I am switched to an aluminium case…

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Yesterday after a trip of 5km my motor mount start loosing and the motor hit the ground :confused: i have the same issues as @melchiorvester

Thats the problem with those cheap ebay mounts… Drill a bit into your truck, tap it and use longer grub screws to hold onto it. Be careful with those holders… Looks extremely dangerous to me.

What looks dangerous? The motor mount? I have drill a bit into the truck but i go use 2 component metal glue. But i have also ordered a hobbyking mount

I ended up buying some Caliber Trucks Cal II trucks and motor mount to go with it. I might try using some jb weld or some sort of epoxy to put it together as a side project for another board

I couldn’t get my mount tight enough and even stripped the threads in the hole. I got a slightly larger screw, made new threads, used a cheater bar on the allen wrench to tighten it, and JB Weld on the mount. Hasn’t moved since.

V2: After using my longboard for a month, I came across some disadvantages. Of course it is my first board. A big disadvantage that I found was the weight of my board :confused: (11kg). This is heavy for carrying. This weight was mainly due to the aluminum housing. I also found the housing too big. I also bought a cheap motor mount but it did not hold onto the trucks properly.

Because of this my decision was made: I am willing to spend money on my board again so that I have a perfect board to my wishes.

What have I done: From the moment I saw the Hobbyking motor mounts, I immediately ordered one. I also had to change trucks for this mount. I chose the caliber trucks. This mount fits well on this.

For the housing I have chosen to draw a 3d housing and print it myself. My design is based on a boosted board, but a 10s4p pack fits in my case. To build this pack I have purchased a spot welder myself. In the meantime, I make some advertising, I also build customized packs so if you want one. Let me know. After I printed my economies, it was time to get started with my deck. I have the bottom of carbon tape. I would have preferred a real carbon deck, but unfortunately that did not allow my budget. In the top of my deck there are cables 10AWG provided for going from the battery side to the focbox.

I am almost at the end of my building process. I am currently waiting for my bolts and griptape and I still have to paint my battery casing.

I have taken very few pictures through the construction process. Enjoy the photos from my work :wink:

V2 Parts: [email protected]Amazon 34euro -Caliber Trucks Skatepro 65euro -Focbox @DeathCookies 130euro -Alien 6355 HEV Outrunner brushless motor 190KV 2400W @Alienpower 100euro -Li-ion 10s4p Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A @Nkon 152euro -90mm wheels @e.board_solutions @His website 40euro -Winning remote @Aliexpress 35euro -Adapter 42v 2A @bol 25euro -Motor mount @Hobbyking 7euro -Spotwelding DIY-> 0euro stuff that i had -Battery % @Ebay 7euro -Bms 50A 55euro


Nice build! :wink:

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