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First build - What ESC to use, what remote to buy, is this batery ok?

Hi! My Name is Tomás and i saw onloop videos and got in love with the idea of getting to work each day in an electrical longobard, my way to work is pretty easy and i actually do it on bike but would love to do it on and diy eboard!

I have very basic understanding of electronics but have been ready this forums and all over the internet lots of info. But some points are being too hard to clarify for myself.

I’m planing on buying this motor on hobby king, Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-149kv Brushless

I’m not into the speed that much, 25 km/h sounds great to me, but my city has some big hills and as far as i understood the less kv the better it will handle hills.

Then i wanted to go for these bateries, ZIPPY 5000mAh 3S1P 30C

I wanted to buy 2 of them to start and planed to be able to do 12 km on a single ride, i would love some bateries that could work with that motor for a bit longer but i don’t really understand how to know if a bigger batery is a good idea for this motor, but i saw some others using them so it sounded good to me.

Could you recomend me a good / cheap ESC that could work with this set up ? I would love to buy the VESC but i’m a bit in a hurry , i would love to have this set up asap and the vesc living in Spain sounds like it will take too much to arrive :slight_smile: .

Then i was checking remotes and saw this one, but maybe there is still something better for not much more

I thought that maybe someone help on choosing the right ESC controller and a recomendation on what system to use to avoid my batteries to die discharged. Any recomendations would be raelly helpfull.

Some more details.
I Didn’t yet choose any board, once i have the equipment and know what board fits best i’ll probably go to a local shop an buy one that fits everything and looks great.

Also please recomend a charger that could suit this set up. I would be also open to install 4 bateries if it could get more batery time or better performance.

I was thinking on not espending more than 450 dolars in the entire electrical set up, i’m not including in this prices the board.

Last one would be that i’d like to be able to order things asap.

Thanks a lot everyone.

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Got the same motor… Gonna get @torqueboards 12s esc soon (that’s DIY Skateboard ) and going 12s

Please take a moment to see this

Remote: I have it works well and super small

2.4Ghz mini remote controller with receiver for electric skateboard longboard

Charger: has what you need in the box

Create a build thread so we can all stalk you hahah

That remote looks fantastic, already ordered it.

Having a look into that website i noticed something i missed and is super important.

The gearing system to use. I’d love to go low cost so i could try to find the way to get the plate that gets fixed to the truck , but i have no idea how to go with the gears nor where to start.

I was thinking on this system but i don’t really like the gear being plastic but i don’t really know :smiley:

Then i cheked the charger and thats probably something i want to order once i confirm those bateries i want to order are ok , as maybe with more bateries i’d need a stronger one for it not to take 4 hours to fully charge right?
Any recomendations for this? Thanks a lot






@psychotiller has a mount

And for the pully I’m gonna go 16/36 at least …

And as for charging…Get extra set of batteries…boom problem solved … Plus… You have EXTRA batteries lol

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Or you could forgo any motor mounts…

@LEVer has Carvon

@jacobbloy has his hub motors

Even @Hummie has hubs

Theses types do not require a bracket…

Please do your own research on this subject of hubs vs geared.

Also if you get to look around the threads…all motors (Hub or brushless) are areas of great debate.

Here’s a help tip for binding that remote…

You hold the bind button on the trigger remote as you turn it on…

Once you bind it…remove the bind loop

Just refer to this when your gonna set it up


The trigger has flange on the trigger recess …you can actually pull the trigger in slightly more…it would be better if it stuck out a little more…but it works fine…you will see what I mean

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